Guardians of Ancora Holiday Club

Local children are set for a week of fun and games at the annual St. Paul’s Church holiday club! The Guardians of Ancora holiday club event will be full of stories, games, challenges, crafts, songs and lots and lots of fun.

Once, the Hall of Memory in the legendary city of Ancora was filled with wonderful story treasures, but many of these treasures have been lost. With the help of the Keeper of the Keys and Kal the Aquaneer, the children can become Guardians of Ancora, and set off on a journey to find the lost treasures.

The holiday club takes place during the last week of the school holidays, and runs from Tuesday 30th August to Saturday 3rd September, and the day starts at 10am (9.30 on the first day) until 12 noon at St. Paul’s Church, Church Road, Stockingford. The holiday club week will culminate with a special Celebration Family Service on Sunday 4th September at 10am.

The Guardians of Ancora holiday club is open to primary school children aged 5-11 (Reception to Year 6) and is being organised by DBS-checked members of St. Paul’s Church. The one-off charge of £5 covers the whole week, and includes a free T-shirt.

Places are still available, so if you would like your child to join in, please contact St. Paul’s Parish Office on 024 7632 5359 or via email

Revd Kate Massey, Vicar at St. Paul’s Church, is looking forward to many youngsters joining in the fun and excitement. She says “The Holiday Club is a real highlight for children in Stockingford – always full of energy and fun.”

She adds “We are very fortunate to have so many volunteers to lead and support the varied activities, and create an experience the children will remember for a long time.”

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