We are very glad that you are considering or have decided to bring your child to be baptised at St. Paul’s. We feel that it is very important that from an early age your child begins to know and learn about his or her Christian faith and that you, as parents, understand the importance of trying very hard to bring your child up in the knowledge of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Arranging a Baptism

Baptism arrangements are made at our Parish Office in the Parish Centre which is open on Tuesday mornings between 10am and 12noon and Friday evenings by appointment.

Baptism services take place on the 1st Sunday of the month at either 12noon or 1pm. Your date will be agreed and confirmed. We hope that the service itself will be a happy occasion for you and your family and friends.

A date will also be agreed for parents to attend an informal Baptism Preparation meeting where you will meet the member of the clergy who will be conducting your service. The Sunday following your Baptism you and your family will be invited to attend the Family Service at 10am. This service is designed especially for families, young and old, and gives the congregation the opportunity to welcome your child into the Church family and for the presentation of Baptism Certificates.

There are no fees for Baptism into the Church.

Baptism is about joining the family of the Church and we hope that this website will provide you with some information about activities that are provided at St. Paul’s for parents and young children. You will be made welcome at all of these activities or services.


If you are thinking about having a child baptized, further useful information can be found at the Church of England website here.