Lunch Club

Meet:  St. Paul’s Parish Centre
Time:  11.30am to 2pm on 1st Tuesday of month
Contact:  Parish Office 024 7632 5359

The Lunch Club has been meeting now since 1994. It is intended to serve members of our community whose social lives are restricted by age or infirmity or recent bereavement. Indeed, many of those attending tell us that it’s the one time in the month that they meet with others and have the chance to chat over an enjoyable meal.

It is not unknown for those attending for the first time, being rather nervous of what the experience will be for them, to find that many of the fellow diners are former school friends and people they have known since childhood.

Before the meal there is a said Holy Communion service in Church which is optional, but which most of the diners attend. A number of dedicated volunteers have made it possible to bring housebound members to the meal.

After the meal is finished and the tables have been cleared, there is some form of entertainment, usually bingo but occasionally a sing-song.