Welcome to St. Paul’s Church and Parish Centre

dscf0034Welcome to the website of St. Paul’s Church, Stockingford, Nuneaton in the Diocese of Coventry. We are the local Parish Church of England place of worship and have been here since 1824.

Stockingford has traditionally been the working class area of Nuneaton with row upon row of terraced housing. The Church was built by the noble people of St. Nicolas Church in town as a result of the workers riots in the ‘Ford in 1819. Putting “the fear of God” into the unruly masses meant building St. Paul’s Church on Paddiford Common. The Church was also mentioned in the novels of George Eliot.

The Church has always been at the centre of community life here in the ‘Ford and has served generations of local folk being there for them at important moments in their lives for Christenings, Marriages and Funerals. Over the years it has provided much more as well with Summer Galas and Christmas Bazaars still hugely well-supported by the community.

With recent changes to the Church building with extensions and reordering the Church is once again involved with the life of the community. As well as worship on Sundays the Church is utilised fully throughout the week. Pensioner Clubs, Old People’s Lunch Club, function alongside Parent & Toddler, Youth Groups and uniformed organisations such as Brownies & Guides. The Church is also reaching out to those in need with an Unemployed Person’s Drop-in and a Mental Health Club as well.

St. Paul’s is a real Community Church, reaching out to all. It also a really warm welcoming place (and that’s not just the underfloor heating!) – it’s the people of the Church who reflect the warmth of this ex-mining community.

We commend this web site to you all. Come along and you will be offered a warm welcome.