Coronavirus Reopening Update

The PCC of St Paul’s Church Stockingford hope to reopen the church building for worship once lockdown rules permit.  We anticipate that many people will feel safer continuing to worship at home for a while and so we will be continuing to

We cannot emphasise enough that no one should feel under any pressure to return to worship in the church building before they feel safe and ready, and that we fully support those who prefer to worship at home for now.

For those who do want to return to a service in the church building, we are only going to be offering a 10am Sunday service at present and have limited seating.  To avoid having to turn anyone away, we are going to ask people to book a seat in advance via one of our booking volunteers. You can find out which number to call to book by calling our parish office on 02476 325359 – the most up to date booking number will be on the answering machine message.  If you do come to a service in the building, you will find it is very different to the services we had before lockdown.  We have made a short video so you can see what to expect

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