PCC Minutes – July 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

14th July 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Revd Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Susan West, David Spiers, Rob Jones, Gary King, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Steve Marsden, Nigel Blease, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Emma Kennedy, Jane Udall, Mary Ball, Mark Magee, Paul West.

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (09-06-21) were approved. All decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members via email.

Matters arising: Several PCC members felt that the previous discussion regarding the cruet sets was not complete – agreed for this to be discussed further under Worship and Spirituality.

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC approved the safer recruitment of: Andrew Godfrey; Les Pipe; Mary Ball; Christine Smith.

Church Building – Re-opening:

The Government’s Covid restrictions are easing on 19th July. We are awaiting further guidance from the Church of England.

Following discussion, and subject to the CofE guidance when published, it was agreed that:

The regular chairs would be placed back in the main body of the church in rows, with people allowed to sit in household groups of up to six, but leaving a space of at least 2 chairs between different households.

People to be encouraged to be considerate to others, especially those who may be more vulnerable or are more nervous about the risks.

People will no longer need to book a chair space for the service.

People will be strongly encouraged to wear masks whilst inside the building.

Communion to continue to be offered in one kind (bread only).

No singing in the church building, but continue to sing the final hymn outside at the end of the service.

8am Sunday Service to be resumed in September.

Continue to clean high touch areas regularly.

There will be a break in live streaming the 10am Sunday service through August, with streaming of the 8am service from September (no longer live streaming the 10am service).

Action – Kate and Churchwardens to review the Church of England guidance when it is published.

The Brownies have requested that they be allowed to meet inside the building from September. This was agreed (and for other groups that request it), subject to an updated risk assessment (to include Covid measures) and additional cleaning.

Action – the lettings/hire agreement for groups using the church building and parish centre to be updated to include the standard safeguarding statement, and to be re-issued to groups that return from September.

Growing Faith Update from Cluster Meeting


Kate gave an update from the recent cluster meeting regarding the Diocese’s Growing Faith project. This involves including and considering young people and children in all aspects of the church life, and maximising the impact of all the current work going on with families and schools. The group will share ideas, resources and best practice.

Considering becoming an Eco Church

We had previously started the process to become an eco church but this was not completed (during interregnum period). Andrew reported that the Green Audit survey had been carried out this week, with particular interest in how we use energy in the church, and the report is expected in about a month. PCC agreed to complete the eco-church survey.   

Action – group to get together to complete the Eco Church survey following the receipt of the Green Audit report.

Reports and Decisions from sub-Committees

Worship and Spirituality:

There was further discussion about replacing the cruet sets, in particular regarding whether to continue to try to source suitable silver cruets or to look at options for glass cruets. A vote was taken, and PCC agreed to look at options for glass cruets (7 votes for glass, 4 votes for silver).

Buildings and Finance:

A copy of the accounts had been circulated by Gary before the meeting. Income and expenditure is in line with last year and the bank balance is still healthy. Gift Aid to be claimed for the past 6 months. There are currently no large items of expenditure, however the quinquennial may identify some necessary works.

An email was received from the DAC regarding the plaque for Hannah’s Tree (agreed at previous meeting). They have refused permission for a brass plaque, but would approve an oak plaque. PCC agreed to an oak plaque, subject to agreement from Noelle and the Guides.

We are still awaiting a response from the DAC regarding the works required to the roof.

Kate had circulated a form showing the current and potential future uses of AV equipment, to start to scope out what new equipment would be required.

Action – set up a working group with a representative from the Buildings & Finance, Worship & Spirituality, and 200 by 200 subcommittees.

PCC agreed to recruitment of a temporary cleaner over the summer period. This will allow for the duties and hours to be reviewed before a permanent cleaner is recruited.

Action – Jane Udall to be thanked for her hard work and commitment as volunteer cleaner.

Mission and Outreach/200 by 200:

Ten-minute Tuesday videos – seven videos had been put on Facebook exploring faith, science and faith journeys. These have been very successful, with almost 3400 views. These seem to be reaching a wider audience and there are plans to produce more following a break for the summer. These may have a more theological theme.

Action – wider discussion on the future approach to evangelism to be discussed at a future PCC meeting.

Social Committee:

The Summer Gala plans are going well but more volunteers are needed. There will be additional measures in place to reduce the Covid risk.

Any other business:

An email has been received from researchers interested in surveying bats in church buildings.

Action –Ann to respond to decline as we do not have bats in the church.

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 18th August 2021, 7.30pm (via Zoom)

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PCC Minutes – June 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

9th June 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Revd Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Susan West, Paul West, David Spiers, Rob Jones, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Steve Marsden, Jane Udall, Mark Magee, Nigel Blease, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Emma Kennedy, Gary King,

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Election of PCC Secretary and Treasurer:

Kimberley Fawcett was elected as PCC Secretary – nominated by Steve Marsden and seconded by Nigel Blease.

Gary King was elected as PCC Treasurer – nominated by Paul West and seconded by Ann Pipe.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (12-05-21) were approved. All decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members via email (16 responses received agreeing to the decisions, none received opposing decisions).

Matters arising –

No additional volunteers have yet come forward to help/be present during SPOGS meetings.

In addition to the summer scheme run by the council discussed in AOB at the last meeting, there may be a similar scheme run by Saints. Again, we could agree to provide a venue , PCC agreed for Kate to follow up both schemes and offer a vanue on a first come first served basis.

Action – Kate to follow up.

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC agreed to approve the safer recruitment of: Emily Lowry.

Kate recirculated the list of non-church activities for the safeguarding dashboard/action plan, which was approved by PCC. The Wednesday Pensioners Group has not been included as the leader has indicated she will not be continuing, so the group will not be re-starting unless a new volunteer is found.

Action – Kate/Ann to check the hire agreements for non-church groups when they re-start to ensure it includes the safeguarding addendum.

Foundation Governor Recruitment:

A new foundation governor must be recruited for St Paul’s School, to be appointed by the PCC.

Lyn Unsworth was unfortunately unable to join the meeting due to technical difficulties, but sent comments and advice via email.

Kate had circulated the guidance for recruitment of foundation governors prior to the meeting. The recruitment will include an application form, interviews and references.

The priorities for the Foundation Governor will be to strengthen the church school ethos, build links between the school and faith communities, and to help prepare for the SIAMS. The Governor will need to be follow the Christian faith but need not be a member of our congregation or the Church of England.

PCC agreed for Kate to start the recruitment process for a Foundation Governor

Re-opening strategy:

‘Back to normal’ survey – results had been circulated prior to the meeting.

PCC agreed to recommence Wednesday morning communion services in the church building.

There is now no maximum number of attendees for funerals, except for the capacity of the building. PCC agreed to increasing capacity for funerals to ‘up to 60’ (dependent on household groupings)

Following the success of the outdoor service for Pentecost, PCC agreed to further outdoor services during the summer, dates proposed were 27th June, 8th July and 5th September.

PCC agreed to re-opening the Fairtrade stall in the foyer from 27th June, reduced in size to allow space for circulation and social distancing in the foyer.

PCC agreed to the Food Bank moving back into the main hall from the parish centre from 5th July. Space has been created in the storage areas for their increased stock.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality:

Efforts to source and engrave silver cruets have not been successful. PCC agreed for W&S to explore options for glass cruets.

This would mean that the donations made in memory of family to replace the current cruet set would need to be re-allocated – Kate will speak to the donors to see if they will agree to this.

A suggested alternative for the donations is replacement altar frontals, perhaps commissioning a textile artist to design something for the 200 year anniversary. PCC agreed for W&S to explore options and pricing.

When the 8am (Sunday) services restart, they will be streamed instead of the 10am service – it is difficult to broadcast the 10am service due to the fixed positions required for the recording equipment.

There will also be a break in live streamed services over part of the summer, to give Liam and David a break.

Audio Visual Equipment – the Diocesan advisor on AV equipment visited the church to discuss our needs and options. We need to identify how we currently use the equipment, what for etc, and also what we want to do/use it for in the future. The Advisor can then help to develop a specification for the new equipment. It will need to meet current requirements but be ‘future-proof’ to allow for new things in the future. It also needs to be easy to use, with more people trained in how to use the equipment – the current situation where only a couple of people can use the equipment confidently is unsustainable and unfair.

Action – Kate to start to develop a framework of how we do/will/want to use the AV equipment. To be discussed at the next PCC meeting.

Action – set up a dedicated working group for this issue.

Buildings and Finance:

PCC agreed to accept a quote of £450 to repair and repaint the gates.

A letter has been received with a complaint about the path in the churchyard. The path is the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council and PCC agreed for Jo to contact them to resolve the issue.

PCC agreed the role description for a cleaner that was circulated prior to the meeting. There was discussion around the ad-hoc, occasional and reactive nature of some of the work previously done by Jane (eg taking into account different events in different weeks), and how this could not be covered in a formal role description. There is scope to review the role description after 3 months. Groups that use the hall and parish centre will also need to be reminded of their responsibilities to leave the building clean and tidy.

A lone worker policy will need to be developed and the Health and Safety policy updated.

Action – Kate to draft a lone worker policy and review the health and safety policy, to be considered by B&F at the next meeting.

Pastoral Care:

The Pastoral Care committee had met to consider the future of the group, with the suggestion to disband the current group, with a new group to be set up to co-ordinate future pastoral care activities. PCC agreed to disband the current pastoral care committee. Kate and the PCC expressed thanks for the work done by Jo Male who will be stepping down from leading the Pastoral care committee and the rest of the committee members.

Mission and Outreach/200 by 200:

The group has now met (meetings had paused since lockdown), minutes were circulated. The Ten Minute Tuesday videos have been popular and well received. There is potential to build on this and the success of the online offer with a course (such as Alpha or Start) in the autumn.

Social Committee:

The group has now met (meetings had paused since lockdown) and discussed plans for the Summer Gala.

The Summer Gala will be held on 18th July, as an outside event. Volunteers are needed to run stalls. The prize draw will go ahead – tickets to be £1 each, with the £100 prize donated by Devall’s funeral directors.

Any other business:

Growing Faith Family worker – PCC approved one more advertisement of the post before the funding must be returned to the Diocese.

Fair Trade Church commitment – PCC agreed to commit to being a Fair Trade church

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 14th July 2021, 7.30pm (via Zoom)

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PCC Minutes – May 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

12th May 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Revd Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Gary King, Susan West, Paul West, David Spiers, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Steve Marsden, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Jane Udall, Mark Magee, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy, Christine Smith, Nigel Blease,

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (21-04-21) were approved. All decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members via email (11 responses agreeing to the decisions, none received opposing decisions).

Matters arising – none other than items covered in the agenda.

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC agreed to approve the safer recruitment of: Julia Gazeley, Susan West.

It was brought to the attention of the PCC that it is not best practice (for safeguarding) for Steve and Sarah Marsden to be the only adults present at each SPOGs meeting. It was emphasised that there are no concerns regarding their conduct or the management of the group, and there have been no safeguarding incidents reported in the time they have been running the group. However, it is an avoidable risk for them to be the only adults present (as a married couple) in the event that an allegation is made or an incident occurs involving one, and the other has to report or provide evidence.

PCC agreed that now the issue has been identified it must be addressed, and so for future meetings another adult (who has undergone safer recruitment and appropriate training) must be present/join the Zoom meetings.

Action – Jo to join the next meeting on 23rd May (and others as she is able) and Kate to appeal for further volunteers.

The Social Media Policy (circulated prior to the meeting) was agreed by PCC with the addition of policies concerning Zoom meetings.

The updated list of non-church activities that is listed on the Safeguarding Action Plan was circulated prior to the meeting and agreed by PCC with the addition of the Pensioners’ Club (Weds). These are the groups that were running pre-covid.

Action – Kate to include Pensioner’s Club and submit the list of non-church activities for the action plan.

Re-opening strategy:

Fresh CofE-specific guidance is expected to be published in a few weeks, in the meantime we should follow the Government’s guidance.

Kate has circulated an online survey to the email contact list asking questions about how the congregation want to move forward – what they have missed, what new things they want to keep etc. It was suggested that this should be more widely circulated in the local community as there has been interest in the facebook page and online services from those who would not normally attend church and we should also consider their views.

Actions – Kate to circulate the survey on social media (potentially with revised questions). Kate to organise printed copies for those who do not have internet access. Results to be discussed at the next meeting.

PCC agreed to risk assessments being carried out for funerals (for each service, depending on circumstances – including the potential for more than 30 mourners based on household groupings/space available). A risk assessment for outdoor services has also been completed and circulated by email. This was agreed by email and at the meeting, with the addition of an assessment of the risks of using electronic equipment outdoors.

Action – Kate to include the use of electronic equipment outdoors in the risk assessment.


The reports from groups have been received, printed and published on the website. The meeting will take place following the Sunday service on 23rd May with people able to attend both in person and via Zoom.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality: no meeting since the last PCC.

Buildings and Finance:

Minutes have been circulated.

Leigh roofing have visited to assess the work required on the roof and have quoted to carry out the works (c£2200 + VAT). PCC agreed to take forward to the DAC for approval to carry out the works. Some work was identified that Leigh Roofing cannot carry out (lightning conductor, masonry etc).

Action – Buildings and Finance Committee to consider how to carry out the outstanding works and bring back to PCC.

Non-slip paint has been organised for the manhole cover on the churchyard path.

A working group has been set up to consider stewardship.

A visit from the Diocesan advisor has been arranged to review the audio equipment, the results will be reported back to PCC.

The request to pollard the lime trees (agreed by PCC at the last meeting) has now been approved by DAC.

An email had been received regarding the request to place a plaque on the churchyard wall for the memorial tree for Hannah (the email expressed concern that we should consider a policy for memorials to prevent too many being requested/approved). The current process is that memorials are agreed at PCC’s discretion and it was agreed that this is sufficient at present, and that the PCC wholeheartedly support this particular memorial plaque being approved.

A copy of the accounts has been circulated. The income is up compared to the same period last year, however this reflects the unusual drop in income last March/April due to the lockdown. Income from the envelopes is still not meeting the Parish Share. There are decent reserves, but these may need to be used if there are issues identified during the Quinquennial inspection (to take place in August).

Also circulated was an application form for the Covid-19 Parish Share Scheme (to waive part of the parish share for parishes experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic). It was felt that we do not meet the criteria, but the scheme was noted in case it becomes necessary in the future.

Pastoral Care:

Continuing with their regular activities. A meeting will be held to review and refresh the activities of the committee.

Mission and Outreach:

No meeting since the last PCC meeting, but the 200 by 200 group will now start to meet again (first meeting next week).

The first ‘ten minute Tuesday’ video by Nigel has been published on the facebook page.

Social Committee:

The Social Committee will restart meetings, first meeting next week to discuss possible plans for a Summer Gala.

Any other business:

A lot of positive comments have been received from those who have had a thank you card for supporting the church over the past year.

‘Living in love and faith’ (LLF) – the Bishop is encouraging parishes to have conversations around the discussions on ‘Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage’ taking place nationally across the CofE. There is a course in June/July run by the Diocesan LLF champion, if anyone is interested in attending, please speak to Kate or Jo. Please pray for the LLF process and the people who take part.

Summer activities – there is funding available to provide activities and meals to schoolchildren and their families over the summer holidays. The requirement would be for 4 hours per day, over 4 days per week, during 4 weeks of the summer. PCC agreed that we could not resource this as a church, but that we could offer the church as a venue (at times that fit around other established/essential activities such as food bank).

Action – Kate to contact the organisers to offer the church as a venue.

As the church buildings will be used more frequently for different activities, the food bank items will need to be moved out of the parish centre back into the main church building storage spaces. They will require additional storage space, but it should be possible to move some items no longer used and allow them more storage.

Actions – Andy to contact food bank to ask them to move back to previous arrangements on storage. Existing storage space to be reviewed. 

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 9th June 2021, 7.30pm (via Zoom)

Date of APCM:

Sunday 23rd May 2021, following the 10am service (in the church building and via Zoom)

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PCC Minutes – Apr 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

21st April 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Revd Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Gary King, Susan West, Paul West, Christine Smith, David Spiers, Nigel Blease, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Steve Marsden, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Jane Udall, Mark Magee, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy,

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (10-03-21) were approved, except for a revision for accuracy (under AOB, contractors in the Church building). All decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members via email (13 approved all decisions, 2 responded to approve all decisions except for the date to reopen the church building for worship).

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC agreed to approve the safer recruitment of: Deborah Blease.

Ann has sent out letters to those that require updated DBS checks and/or training.

Action Plan: the action plan is now at Level 3.

Action: Review the church activities in the action plan at the next PCC meeting.

The Social Media Policy was reviewed. It was decided to include a new section regarding Zoom meetings. 

Action: Kate to include a section on Zoom and recirculate for approval.

Known offenders – Kate explained that where there are known offenders in the church that require a safeguarding response, we are required to notify the Diocesan safeguarding team (and vice versa if they are aware of known offenders), and reassured PCC that this process is/will be carried out.

Paperwork storage – safeguarding paperwork is stored in a locked box in the filing cabinet in the church office. Ann also has a file at home (locked) containing DBS checks etc. Any documents stored on the computer or sent via email are password protected.

Re-opening strategy:

The church building re-opened for worship on 28th March as agreed at the last meeting.

There have been enquiries made about weddings and Baptisms – these will be allowed from 17th May. It was agreed to offer stand-alone Baptism services from June.

Action – Kate/Churchwardens to review the risk assessment to cover stand-alone Baptism services.

The Guides have asked if they could meet face-to-face. Kate/Churchwardens responded that they may meet outside with their own risk assessment (as approved by PCC before Christmas, although they did not actually meet at that time). As they are a youth organisation, the current Govt guidelines state they may meet indoors from 12th April, however this has not yet been agreed.

It was felt that we should not re-open the main church building or parish centre for groups at this time (except for essential services such as food bank that have continued throughout the pandemic).


The annual report was circulated by Gary. It includes some additional paragraphs regarding the Covid-19 impact on the church.

PCC approved the report.

The PCC expressed thanks to Gary for putting the report together.

PCC agreed that a card/note of thanks should be sent to the regular givers expressing thanks for continuing to financially support the church.

Action – Kate to organise cards.

Growing Faith Family Worker

The Diocese will not agree to reduce the hours for the post (the role includes work for the Diocese as well as work at St Paul’s). Kate has been given details of a potential candidate.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality:

The review of Lent and Easter showed some concern that the Lent meetings did not have as much uptake as usual, but there was a good response to the Holy Week reflections and the Easter services.

There is a need to increase the number of people doing readings and prayers for the Sunday services.

PCC agreed to singing the final hymn outside to end the Sunday service.

PCC agreed to an outdoor service for Pentecost (23rd May).

Action – Kate/Churchwardens to review the risk assessment to include outdoor services.

Planning is underway for Christian Aid Week (w/c 10th May) including a garden party at the Pipe’s house, a 300,000 steps challenge, knitted hearts and a service on 16th May.

Summer Talks – the congregation will be asked if there are any topics they would like to hear a sermon about.

It is felt that we need to review whether the current audio-visual equipment is suitable to continue providing an on-line presence as well as in-building worship.

Action – Buildings and Finance Committee to consider.

Buildings and Finance:

PCC reviewed the management accounts. We expect income of £5,700 from Gift Aid. We are managing on our current income.

Green Audit – ‘Green Journey’ have been contacted to carry out a green audit. They will not do onsite visits until after 21st June. PCC agreed to allow them ‘level 1’ authorisation, which means they can have access to utility bills and other data. Low carbon/carbon neutral changes should be considered when we are carrying out maintenance.

Leigh Roofing have agreed to prioritise an inspection of the roof when they return from their current job in Wales. It was suggested that we consider solar panels on the roof.

The Quinquennial inspection has been arranged to take place on 18th August.

The group have agreed to put together a list of required maintenance jobs (eg windows, wooden doors, gates).

PCC agreed to allow pollarding of the Lime Trees.

Pastoral Care:

Continuing with their regular activities.

Mission and Outreach:

Nigel updated the meeting about the Ten Minute Tuesday videos, exploring issues such as science and faith, evolution, faith journeys, Christian coping strategies for stress. There will be 9 sessions in total and Nigel will do a short video introducing the series. An email will be set up for further questions or discussion (it was felt that there was potential for negative or offensive comments if the comments section is used).

PCC approved a start date of 11th May.

Meetings will resume for the 200 by 200 project.

Easter Hampers – there was a last minute change and parcels were distributed from schools rather than the church building, but families and schools expressed gratitude to the church for making the contact with Saints.

Summer funding – funding will be available to run sessions over the summer holidays with food and activities, however these will need to be 4-hour sessions.

Action – to discuss the summer programme at the next meeting.

Any other business:

Congratulations to Revd Jo who has been ‘signed off’ and has completed her training!

The Social Committee meetings are to resume.

Summer Gala – we want to explore ways we can safely hold a summer gala, possibly later in the year than usual depending on Govt guidelines and the local Covid situation. PCC agreed to hold a prize draw.

The Deanery Finance meeting is to be held tomorrow and all are welcome to attend (on Zoom).

Action – Kate to circulate the meeting invitation.

David Spiers gave notice that he will not resume volunteering to cook meals in the church centre. The PCC thanked him for his previous service.

Steve Marsden gave an update of the SPOGs activities – the Lent course went well and they will now resume the fortnightly meetings on Zoom.

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 12th May, 7:30pm (on Zoom).

Date of APCM:Sunday 23rd May 2021, following the 10am service (in the church building and via Zoom)

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PCC Minutes – Mar 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

10th March 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Gary King, Susan West, Paul West, Christine Smith, David Spiers, Nigel Blease, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Jane Udall, Anne Murray, Mark Magee, Steve Marsden, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy, Revd Jo Joyce

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (13-01-21) were approved and all decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members (12) via email.

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC agreed to approve the safer recruitment of:

Terry Ray; David Spiers; Gary King; Mark Magee; Andy Gazeley.

Following the decision taken at the last meeting, activities that are not currently being carried out have been removed from the dashboard (until such time as they can resume) and we now meet level 3.

Potential re-opening of the church building following the temporary closure due to COVID-19:

PCC agreed by majority (via email) to continue the closure of the church for the present time. A proposal to reopen the church building for worship from 28th March (Palm Sunday) was debated by PCC.

Strong arguments were put forward, both for and against the proposal. Discussion included:

For reopening:

The Govt guidance to ‘stay at home’ will end on 29th March.

Local and national infection rates are falling.

The local hospital has reported fewer new cases and lower admissions.

The vaccination programme means that many of the most vulnerable people who may wish to attend will have received at least their first vaccine (plus 3 weeks).

Changes have been made to the risk assessment to reduce the total number allowed in the building, increase the space between chairs, change the way people will leave the building (eg Vicar will leave by vestry and stand outside to discourage staying and talking indoors), and people attending will be asked to sign a covenant of care, committing to follow all the measures put in place to reduce risk.

Online and telephone services will continue, so people can make their own judgement on whether they want to attend.

People have expressed a desire to return to services within the building, especially those that have not been able to access online services.

It is important to be open over the Easter period if possible.

There was no evidence of cases being linked to the church during the time it was previously open. Household transmission has been shown to be the biggest factor in the spread of the virus.

Against reopening:

The risk of Covid being transmitted is still there. We cannot eliminate the risk and we have a responsibility to keep people as safe as possible.

We should wait to see what effect the re-opening of schools has on local cases, this is still unknown and may increase transmission.

Non-essential shops, libraries, community centres, pubs/cafes etc are not re-opening until 12th April, we should wait until then.

The online and telephone services have been very well received and are sufficient for the time being, there is no need to reopen and expose people to additional risk.

Neutral comments:

Churches have been legally allowed to remain open for worship during this last lockdown period, it was a local decision to close.

If the church remains closed, alternative arrangements will have to be made for reading banns/marriage licences.

Whatever decision is made now can be reviewed if the local or national situation changes (either way).

Following discussion, a vote taken by a show of hands resulted in PCC agreeing to reopen the church from 28th March (15 voting for, 3 voting against).

Action – Given the need to continually review the risk assessment and the decision whether to keep the church building open for worship, PCC agreed to hold another meeting during April (14th suggested at the meeting, but later amended to 21st April)


This year’s APCM must be held on or before 31st May 2021. The Bishop has issued permission to hold the meeting in person or virtually (eg via Zoom).

The date for our APCM will be Sunday 23rd May 2021, following the 10am service.

Andy Gazeley will step down from PCC and will not seek re-election.

Action – Kate to request reports and accounts from the appropriate groups, to be sent to Anne Murray by the end of April.

Growing Faith Family Worker

Kate has agreed to provide a placement for a woman who is exploring a call to ordained ministry. She has experience in family work and may potentially wish to apply for the GFFW post – however she would be unable to do the full hours.

The post has been readvertised, and if there are no suitable candidates, Kate will discuss with the Diocese whether there is any opportunity to change the hours or scope of the role.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality:

Minutes of the meeting on 22nd February 2021 have been circulated.

For Maundy Thursday, the group have considered a set of prayer stations in church, with households able to book a time slot to manage and minimise the number of people in the building (similar to Christmas Eve). For the vigil, a rota of people keeping vigil for an hour until midnight. PCC agreed to this (with the risk assessment updated if necessary)

Buildings and Finance:

The accounts show that income is still down, but the pattern of income is similar to previous years. There is a gift aid claim to submit (£3700). There is a possibility of a refund on utilities, we have been charged VAT at 20% rather than 5%, awaiting a response to correspondence.

The clock repairs have been carried out, it is now keeping time and chiming. The final costs are still to be confirmed (no additional parts required, but more visits than expected).

Quinquennial inspection – Our usual architect has decided not to apply for approval from the Diocese, so we will have to choose one from the existing approved list. PCC agreed for the church wardens to contact one that was recommended by fellow clergy based on previous inspections. The cost is likely to be approximately £700 +VAT and the inspection will need to be carried out in the summer.

Tree plaque for Hannah’s Tree – the principle and location of a tree to remember Hannah was agreed at the last meeting, and Kate has contacted Noelle and the Guides. Two designs for a plaque were shown, with the majority preferring the design with the Guide logo and the words ‘Hannah’s Tree’ side by side. PCC agreed to the plaque and to an application being made for a faculty to attach it to the churchyard wall (to prevent it potentially being damaged if it was on the floor by the tree).

Parish Giving Scheme – this is a scheme being promoted by the Diocese which handles the regular offerings from the congregation by direct debit, reducing the work for the Treasurer and processing Gift Aid automatically each month. It also includes an inflation increase each year. However, many of our congregation still give cash, and give on a weekly basis (the Giving Scheme is monthly). The scheme would also reduce the flexibility people currently have to increase or reduce their giving if their circumstances change each week/month.

Action – Building & Finance Committee to consider the Parish Giving Scheme more fully at their next meeting.

Pastoral Care:

Continuing with their regular activities. Easter cards were distributed and gratefully received (thanks to Julia and Jo). The phone call list has been reviewed.

Mission and Outreach:

As the online services have been so well received, a series of ‘Ten Minute Tuesdays’ videos is being considered – a short video released each Tuesday (but can be watched at any time) discussing a series of topics such as the evidence for God, faith journeys, historical Jesus etc.

Saints has received confirmation of funding to renovate the building through the town centre bid

Easter Hampers – The Council has funding for Easter hampers for families who are struggling, which will be organised and distributed by Saints. PCC agreed for St Paul’s to be used as a distribution point for the local area.

Any other business:

PCC agreed to meet 50% of the cost of children’s Bibles, as in previous years, which will cost approx. £200.

Following the incident where the church email account was hacked, this has now been secured.

PCC was notified of an incident where some maintenance had to be carried out at the same time as the building was being used for the Food Bank – this was not in line with the risk assessment that states there should not be more than one activity in the church at a time, however, mitigation was put in place (notified in advance, different entry/exit times, working in different areas of the building).

SPOGS update – SPOGS are now meeting regularly online and the meetings are well attended and very much appreciated by members. They are running a Lent course and organised wooden hearts for Valentines.

Plants have been ordered for Mother’s Day and will be delivered to female members of the congregation.

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 21st April, 7:30pm via Zoom.

Date of APCM:

Sunday 23rd May 2021, following the 10am service

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PCC Minutes – Jan 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

13th January 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Rev Kate Massey, Rev Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Gary King, Susan West, Paul West, Christine Smith, David Spiers, Nigel Blease, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Jane Udall, Anne Murray, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Mark Magee, Steve Marsden, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy

Rev Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (11-11-20) were approved.

Matters Arising included:

Growing Faith Family Worker – the late application was not invited for interview. PCC agreed that the post would be advertised once more and if there is still no suitable applicant, we will request that the Diocese reconsider the role.

Sewing Circle – knitted nativities for Christmas so don’t have surplus items for an online shop.

Office computer – Jo and Kate still to consider options.

Christmas meals and treat bags – only two households requested Christmas meals, but they were appreciated. The Christmas bags were very successful with more demand than expected. PCC agreed to reallocating the budget agreed for the meals to cover costs of the additional bags.

Christmas card deliveries – worked very well and were very much appreciated, thanks to David for organising and to those that made deliveries.

Cleaner – on hold whilst the church building is closed.

SPOGS zoom meeting – first meeting went well and plan to run more this term.

Guides – decided not to meet in the churchyard as requested due to additional lockdown restrictions and potential risks.

Safeguarding Update:

The safeguarding dashboard was circulated prior to the meeting.

A review of the dashboard was identified as an urgent action, this has now been done. The procedure for responding to allegations has been reviewed (no change necessary). PCC agreed to (re) appoint Ann Pipe as Safeguarding Officer. Julia Gazeley has agreed to continue to coordinate DBS checks. Online courses for DBS administrators are not currently available, but will soon be available online. PCC agreed that activities that are not currently running can be removed from the list for reviews, except for Messy Church At Home which is running.

Kate presented the risk assessment for Messy Church At Home, which was agreed subject to the addition of a statement that volunteers delivering the bags should wear masks, and a statement that parents are required to advise of any food allergies.

The safer recruitment process for Lynne Unsworth, Niamh Spiers and Rob Jones has been completed. PCC approved these.

Action: Kim to send a letter on behalf of PCC to appoint Ann Pipe as Safeguarding Officer

Action: Safeguarding Plan to be formally reviewed by PCC at least 3 times each year – Kim to add to PCC meeting forward planner.

Action: Ann Pipe to send reminders to PCC members that need to complete training.

Action: Kate to update Messy Church At Home risk assessment as agreed.

Temporary closure of the church building due to COVID-19:

Permission from the Bishop has been received following the decision taken by PCC (via email) to temporarily close the church building, to be reviewed by 28th January 2021. The Church of England has now issued a blanket permission to close church buildings until national lockdown is lifted, where the PCC agrees.

PCC agreed to review the temporary closure by 28th January (via email) and to appoint a sub-committee consisting of Kate, Jo and the Church Wardens to oversee matters including risk assessments etc.

Online and telephone worship will continue. 22 regular worshipers don’t have online access at all, they will be encouraged to use the phoneline. PCC agreed that where cost is a barrier to accessing worship, we will assist with the cost.

Parish Magazine:

Pete Aldersley has retired from the position of editor of the Parish Magazine, and the PCC thanked him for his work. As no-one else has volunteered to take this over, PCC agreed that Kate will coordinate a shorter monthly newsletter including photos of community and church events/activities. This will be placed on the website and hard copies can be delivered to those that cannot access online.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality:

The Christmas services were successful and well received.

A good number of people are accessing online worship services, regularly into three figures. We will continue to provide all the online services whilst lockdown continues.

Plans are being considered for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. This needs to meet spiritual needs whilst being accessible to the wider community that have joined in with online services. A potential Lent course has been identified, which can be followed by individuals/families at home with the option to join weekly Zoom meetings for discussion and fellowship.

Buildings and Finance:

Gary circulated the accounts, showing a reduction in income of £27k and an overall loss of £10k. Utilities bills have not reduced despite the building being used much less, but meter readings have now been provided so this may reduce. There is still a gap between the income from envelopes and the Parish Share, we may need to look at using alternative funds to cover the Parish Share later in the year. The Parish Share for the next year is still to be confirmed.

Around £900 was raised from the Christmas draw and donations, and over £1000 was donated to the Childrens Society.

The quinquennial inspection is due in August. The Diocese now has a list of approved architects/inspectors to carry this out – our usual architect is not currently on the list. PCC agreed to ask the architect to apply to be approved – if he does not wish to do this or is not successful, we will choose an alternative from the Diocesan list.

Clock repair – in addition to the clock repair, the engineer has discovered that the night silencer has broken. PCC agreed to the repair for the clock (approx. £500) but not the repair to the silencer (approx. £1100). This can be reviewed in the future if necessary.

Heating – the boiler has been serviced and advice was given about the underfloor heating system, some adjustments have been made to try to improve the water flow (and the heat distribution) through the system.

Roof – a beam in the roof which has been deteriorating may soon require more urgent attention. PCC agreed for the buildings & finance committee to contact the usual roofing firm for advice and a quote if work is necessary (Leigh Roofing).

Replacement trees – Andrew is in liaison with the Diocesan tree officer regarding the placement of three cherry trees to replace the ones taken down in error. PCC agreed the suggestion of two placed at the front of the churchyard (near the bus stop) and one at the rear. PCC agreed for Kate to liaise with the Guides to dedicate one tree as a memorial tree for Hannah.

Pastoral Care:

Continuing with the usual activities, and will review the list for regular phone calls given the new lockdown situation – some who had asked to stop receiving them may want to start again.

Action: Kate to include a note in the weekly newsletter/email to ask if anyone wants to (re)start receiving phonecalls.

Mission and Outreach:

Face to face and group outreach has not been able to continue, but lots of outreach has been happening with online services, community events, facebook page etc. Kate and Nigel are exploring options to provide an online short course (similar to Alpha or Start) for people who are joining online worship and want to explore more about faith.

Any other business: None

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 10th March 2021, 7:30pm via Zoom.

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PCC Minutes – Nov 2020

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

11th November 2020

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Rev Kate Massey, Rev Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey (Chair), Mary Ball, Steve Marsden, Mark Magee, Susan West, Paul West, Christine Smith, David Spiers, Nigel Blease, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Jane Udall, Anne Murray, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Gary King, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy

Rev Kate opened with prayer

Elections to posts

PostNominated memberProposerSeconderOutcome
Deputy ChairAndrew GodfreyDavid SpiersChris SmithAgreed
TreasurerGary KingSusan WestNigel BleaseAgreed
SecretaryKim FawcettDavid SpiersAndrew GodfreyAgreed
3rd Deanery Synod RepRob JonesChris SmithAnne MurrayAgreed
Co-opted PCC MemberMark MageePaul WestChris SmithAgreed
Co-opted PCC MemberEse OtoboRob JonesPaul WestAgreed
Stewardship SecretaryPaul WestDavid SpiersAnne MurrayAgreed

Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes for the meeting of 9th September 2020 were agreed subject to a note being added to clarify that the planned meeting on 14th October was not held, as the APCM was held on 18th October.

Matters arising: Growing in Faith Family Worker recruitment – an application was received after the closing date, still to be considered.


Ann Pipe updated that the Safer Recruiting process had been completed for Paul West, Steve Marsden, Anne Murray and Nigel Blease. These were approved by PCC.

The Safer Recruiting process is still underway for Niamh and David Spiers, to be considered at the next meeting.

Three new DBS applications have been completed for Rob Jones, Nigel and Deborah Blease.

Action – Mark Magee and Ese Otobo will need to apply for DBS as new co-opted members of PCC.

Action – Ann explained that the safeguarding training is now available online, those that need it will be sent details and encouraged to complete the training as soon as possible.

Steve Marsden explained that SPOGS are wanting to meet virtually (on Zoom) and discussed a consent form and risk assessment developed using Diocesan and Girl Guiding safeguarding guidance. PCC agreed the documents subject to an addition regarding recording of meetings and monitoring of the chat function.

Action – SPOGS online meeting documents to be updated as above.

Worship & Spirituality

Susan updated the group that two W&S meetings had been held since the last PCC meeting. Following the announcement of the second ‘lockdown’, it was decided not to change or reduce any online worship offerings but to continue to live stream worship.

Planning for Christmas worship is under way, with plans made to cover different scenarios if we are or are not able to meet/hold services in the church building. This includes:

  • Decorated windows in the community to be revealed each day of Advent.
  • ‘Messy Church in a Bag’ for December
  • Advent Meditations on Sunday evenings (instead of Compline)
  • Quiz night
  • Christingle in the Community (through the schools)
  • Sing Along Carol Service on Zoom
  • Two services on Christmas Eve (to allow for numbers if we are able to use the church) – 8pm and 11.30pm
  • Banner with Christmas message/greeting instead of leaflets to advertise events and services

Worship at home packs are continuing to be sent to those that cannot access the online services.

PCC agreed spending up to £200 for a Christmas banner.

PCC agreed that the Christmas charity collections would be for the Children’s Society.

Action – Kate to include dates for Christmas services/events on the weekly email

Feedback on events:

The Remembrance pebbles were successful, with around 30-40 pebbles left by the cross and a number of visitors.

Very positive comments were received about the candles in the churchyard for All Souls, people especially appreciated the names of their loved ones on the candles.

Buildings & Finance

Andrew shared an email from Gary who was unable to attend the meeting, explaining that the accounts show a £16k deficit expected for the end of the year. There is enough in the account to fulfil the Parish Share for this year but we need to consider the position going forward.

Income from envelopes/regular giving fell in the months from March/April, but have increased over the past few months – some backdated money from that period has been collected and more people have set up standing orders (instead of envelopes). Thanks to Paul West for his letter. A claim for £4,800 in Gift Aid has been submitted but the payment has not yet been received.

The Harvest Appeal raised £244.92 for the food bank (along with gifts of food) – more is expected to have been donated directly through the online giving link but it is not possible to identify how much was donated this way directly from the harvest appeal.

£42 was raised at the All Souls service, PCC agreed that this should go into general funds.

Tenner Club – will continue for the present but we may need to consider whether/how to continue in the future.

Christmas Bazaar – as we will not be able to hold a Christmas Bazaar this year, other ways of raising funds were discussed. It was agreed that we would hold a prize draw with a Traidcraft Hamper as the main prize (and a request for other prizes to be donated). The draw could be done during the Carol Service.

Action – Kate and Anne to look at options for tickets (paper tickets and potentially online tickets)

Action – PCC members to send their donations for the hamper to Andy Gazeley

Sewing Circle – Kate is investigating options for selling the items produced by the Sewing Circle as they are not able to sell at the Christmas Bazaar (or other events earlier in the year). PCC agreed to this in principle.

Trees – The Council have reduced the yew tree that came down and also reduced the ‘wedding’ yew. A complaint was received from a neighbour about brambles and tree debris, which was referred to the Council.

Clock – a part has been taken away for repair.

Office Computer – the office computer needs to be replaced; PCC agreed in principle to spend up to £700. It is important to get a computer that can support the additional requirements for online services etc – possibly a laptop rather than desktop.

Action – Kate, Jo and Anne to look at options for a new office computer.

Pastoral Care

Continuing with ‘normal duties’, an updated list was requested for people making phone calls to the vulnerable and elderly.  

Mission and Outreach

Nigel updated the meeting about the ‘Mission shaped living’ course and suggested it would be good for small groups to follow or to offer as a course like Alpha.

Action – Nigel to request the leader’s booklet/resources for consideration and Worship & Spirituality to consider when/how to offer the course in the new year (after Easter was suggested to avoid clashing with Lent groups).

Christmas Gift Bags – PCC agreed to providing Christmas bags with small gifts etc for 20-30 local families in need (identified through schools) as we won’t be able to do the Christmas shoe boxes as usual.

Christmas Meals – As messy church will not be able to run a Christmas Meal this year, Liam suggested delivering Christmas lunch to 20-30 local families in need (identified through schools). Meals to be prepared by Liam and the Massey family in the parish centre kitchen and distributed by volunteers (volunteers needed!). PCC agreed and authorised a spend of up to £200.


The Guides have requested a socially distanced face-to-face meeting in the churchyard on 10th December in order to celebrate awards and say goodbye to Guides leaving this year, and provided a risk assessment meeting Girl Guiding guidance. PCC agreed in principle providing that the Government guidelines at the time allow the gathering and an updated risk assessment is sent to the Church Wardens for agreement once the restrictions after 2nd Dec are known.

Kate has been contacted by a company that offers free ‘energy audits’ to examine the energy use in the church. This is something we need to consider in the medium term, and the Church of England has committed to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

Action – Kate to pass details to the Buildings & Finance Committee for consideration.

Any Other Business

Christmas Cards – David suggested a ‘postal service’ for Christmas cards so that cards could be delivered from/to members of the congregation. Cards to be delivered to the Vicarage or church, or David could collect, then sorted and delivered by volunteers (volunteers needed). PCC agreed.

No progress has been made on recruitment of a cleaner.

Date of Next Meetings:

7.30pm on 9th December 2020 – only to be held if necessary

7.30pm on 13th January 2021

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PCC Minutes – Sep 2020

Minutes of the PCC meeting held via Zoom on 9 September 2020

Present: Jo- chair, Paul, Sue, Ann, Les,  Lesley, Gary, Jane, Andrew, Andy G, Emma, Kim, Chris, David, Steve, Anne

1.            Everyone welcomed and Jo opened the meeting with a psalm and prayer

2.            Apologies from Kate and Mary

3.            Minutes of last meeting:

Previous minutes should have read shortfall of £15000 not £1500, otherwise approved.

4.            Standing items

Safeguarding:  Ann had nothing to report.  No new volunteers, no renewals, one DBS renewal due in September.

Jo advised that some amendments had been made to web site to remove individual contacts as a problem had arisen.  Those with contact details on website would be contacted to see if they were happy for details to remain.

5.            Worship and Spirituality

At a recent meeting, summer had been reviewed and now looking towards Autumn/Winter – Christmas.  Suggestions to date included Harvest in Churchyard; All Saints and All Souls –In view of lack of funeral services available during lockdown, this could be a large event this year –  possibility again of using churchyard with lanterns and candles lit similar to 100 year remembrance.  No Remembrance service in town this year, possibly use churchyard as local focal point, maybe with large cross decorated with poppies or similar;  Christingle in a bag;  Advent around the streets with volunteers placing something in window/forecourt to tell Christmas story; Crib service again may be possible to organise something in churchyard; Giant carol service via Zoom; Muddy Church again utilising churchyard, possibly with planting of bulbs in Spring; Christmas Bazaar again possibly using churchyard as open air market.  A further meeting was to be held to try and confirm some arrangements, but plans would always be subject to Government edicts at the time.

6.            Buildings and Finance

Financial Update:  Although we could meet parish share from reserves this year, this was unlikely to be maintained and Gary was concerned as reserves would be reduced considerably with little possibility of fund being replenished.

PCC felt reserves should be used this year and situation reviewed later.

Church Cleaning:  Jane was stepping down from this role and a notice would be placed in newsletter seeking volunteers.  Thanks to Jane for all her hard work.  Little work involved at present with church closed except for Sunday service and occasional funeral, but if a cleaner is employed hours could be increased as required as building comes back into use.

Telephone cable:  This had been brought down by falling tree branch and temporary repair carried out.  BT require a corridor clear of tree branches from centre to vicarage to install new cable.  Sue had arranged this with council within the next 7 days (don’t hold your breath) and then BT could be contacted to make new installation.  Anne M was account holder for BT number and it was suggested that additional names should be added to assist in communication with BT.  Anne would attempt this and also make enquires about underground cable connection. 

Notice Board:  Both boards installed, keys in office.  Large board more complicated locking system via alum key. Thanks to all concerned for hard work involved in arranging new boards.

Clock:  Only millennium face working.  Les would contact Smiths to see how they were working during lock down and if a repair is possible in the foreseeable future.

Tree suckers:  A group cleared these from base of trees

7.            Pastoral Care

Phone list further revised, and this would continue on a fortnightly basis subject to review.

Cards still being sent out, and prayer requests acted upon.  Prayer list revised by Julia.

8.            Mission and Outreach

Start Course:  Kate looking to instigate this over the Autumn; already used in part to start Baptism preparation discussions

Corporate Prayer:  Jo would like this to be available, possible by appointment after the Wednesday service if this is restarted from Church. 

Compline:  Numbers watching on Sunday evening or later in week would be monitored and may be discontinued.  C of E Podcast could be used in lieu.  

9.                APCM

The Diocese had advised that this meeting should take place before the end of October 2020.  The PCC decided that this would be held on 18 October 2020 to be attended via Zoom or in church by appointment after the 10 am service.  Notice would be given in newsletter and at the end of service, requesting reports to be forwarded to church e mail by 4 October and any accounts requiring audit to Gary as soon as possible.  Statutory notices would be placed on church door and nomination forms available for downloading on line for PCC and Churchwarden elections.  Anne would liaise with Jo regarding reports and accounts already received, which could be scanned and added to APCM report.

10.          AOB

Growing in Faith Family Worker:  Kate hoping to shortlist soon.

Rainbows:  This group had enquired about reopening and payment of rent.  Anne explained that the uniformed organisations were billed school termly, and accounts sent out at half term, so rent was due both in arrears and advance.  She would check current payments as some may have paid after February half term prior to lockdown.  If so they would be a few weeks in credit, but as Rainbows had not paid there would be a half term plus a few weeks owing.  There was no chance of restarting groups at present, and Guide association has confirmed this.

Baptisms:  Only one enquiry outstanding at present, and logistics of cleaning after main service was discussed.  Only one family could be accommodated at one time and Lesley suggested plastic chairs be used for ease of cleaning.  Kate had produced information sheet on what to expect at Baptism service, and again various methods of preparation for Baptism had been suggested.

Inclusive Church:  Kate suggested this be postponed until Church life returns to more normality.

Traidcraft:    Andy  advised that catalogues were now available and asked if non-returnable catalogues could be placed in Church for ordering through himself.  This was approved.  Online catalogues available with orders via Andy and Julia to avoid postage costs.

11.          Date of next meeting:  14 October 2020 via Zoom

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PCC Minutes – July 2020

Minutes of the PCC meeting held via Zoom on 8 July 2020

Present: Kate – chair, Paul, Sue, Mary. Ann, Les, Jo, Lesley, Gary, Jane, Andrew, Andy G, Emma, Kim, Chris, David, Anne

1.            Everyone welcomed and Kate opened the meeting with a prayer

2.            Apologies from Steve (Happy Birthday!)

3.            Minutes of last meeting:

Notice board update should have read recommenced production not recommended, otherwise approved.

Summer Talks: Kate had arranged for several people to do these remotely.

4.            Standing items

Safeguarding:  Ann had received paperwork regarding trafficking but nothing further to report. 

Kate is still working on Lone Worker Policy to cover those working alone in the Church building and will circulate this when completed.

5.            Worship and Spirituality

Risk Assessment: Re-opening of Churches for Worship – Kate had circulated considerable paperwork via C of E from which it is clear that the re-opening will not mean church as we know it.  The PCC questioned Kate and Jo’s safety in conducting services, but they were reasonably confident that following guidelines sensibly, this could be done with limited numbers attending.  Live streamed Sunday Worship would continue as at present to allow those unable to attend to continue to worship, irrespective of numbers in Church.  Those wishing to come to Church would have to pre-book as numbers would be limited to 27 initially, with flexibility for those attending in family bubbles.  No hymns would be sung in Church and only one hymn to be live streamed during communion, so people at home would not have a long pause while communion is distributed in Church.  Kate would circulate “What to expect” information so all would be aware of restrictions.

A question was raised regarding use of Balcony to increase numbers, but after discussion it was felt logistically this was not viable at present due to use of hand rails, giving of communion wafers, etc. 

Foodbank had moved into the Parish Centre for the present time, so they could operate without access to the main building.  This would mean that extra cleaning would not be required as the 72 hour guidelines for infection control would not be breached.

Funerals:  If these take place, coffins would be carried into Church and placed in Chancel, the rails would be removed to facilitate this, so bearers need not be close to mourners.  Numbers attending would be restricted to 30 and again family bubbles could be accommodated.  Family would have to provide list of attendees and contact details for track and trace purposes.  Verger would check names on list and discretion used for those wishing to attend, not on list, should space be available.  Hand sanitizer must be used and face masks would be provided for those wishing to use them.  Kate had provisionally booked a funeral for 23 July, and PCC agreed this.

As everyone was happy with the risk assessment by show of hands, Kate wished to recommence with first 10 am service on 19 July, prior to her holiday.  Midweek service in Church would be reviewed depending on demand.  Again this would still give the 72 hour clearance.  If midweek services recommenced, the timing of funerals would have to be taken into account.  Welcomers, initially Churchwardens (although Andrew was away for a fortnight), would have a list of attendees from Paul, who had agreed to be booking clerk for a while, and persuade people to sit where others would not have to pass close by to access seating.

Welcomers and vergers would be required to wipe down door handles, toilets if used, light switches, etc. After service.

If infection was reported, building would be closed for 72 hours and cleaned.

It was suggested that as well as information being on our web site, this should also be included on “A Church near You” site, but Kate was having difficulty accessing this.

Kate, Jo and Churchwardens thanked for all the work, effort and time put into risk assessment.

6.            Buildings and Finance

Financial Update:  Obviously income had dropped, although giving by Standing Order continued.  Income was down by £1500 over the last six months.  The giving via envelopes was an unknown quantity, although some people had intimated their envelopes were still being filled ready for collection when possible.  Although we could use reserves to cover Parish share at present, Gary felt the situation should be reviewed around September.  Income from  occasional offices, Gala and Bazaar would be missed and Lesley suggested an on-line market place for those wishing to sell items to raise funds for Church.  Anne suggested those who would normally run stalls, might like to make donation in lieu.  A virtual Harvest and Christmas Bazaar may be possible.

Notice Board:  Thecheque for payment had been cashed but no time scale as yet for erection.  Not aware of any objections from neighbours.

7.            Pastoral Care

Phone list revised, despite few opting in, and this would continue on a fortnightly basis subject to review.

Cards still being sent out, and prayer requests acted upon.  Some requests received from outside congregation.

8.            Mission and Outreach:

Holiday Club: Crafts being sorted out for inclusion in Holiday Club box which would contain 5 crafts, booklet with story, activity sheet for the day, challenge (Mary making juggling balls from balloons and rice!), Kate, Jo and Lesley organising technology for presentation with David, Niamh arranging songs, all based on a Circus theme, to be delivered to those signing up.

Summer Holiday Food:  Access to Parish Centre kitchen not available, but Government had agreed to extend food voucher scheme during holidays.  Kate suggested contact with Nurture departments at local schools to see if “Treat Bags” were a viable option for those in need.  Later in the year a similar idea had been muted for Christmas Treats and congregation could be asked to provide a bag with suggested contents.

Social Committee:  Murder mystery very successful and Lesley had another one available to perhaps raise funds for Church.

6.                AOB

Andrew had received a request from a Charity, operating out of the old Cross Street Clinic, to use the church as a place of refuge for their vulnerable clients in the event of major incident, i.e. fire.  The PCC felt the church building would not be suitable when fully open as we could not guarantee a useable safe area during the week .  Andrew would reply to this effect suggesting other local churches who do not use their building during the week.

Kate’s reading weeks – Kate suggested 2/3 weeks in September when Jo would be available to cover.  PCC approved this suggestion.

Andrew Greystone’s  talk would be available on 23 July via Zoom. 

7.            Date of next meeting:  5 August 2020 via Zoom ?

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PCC Minutes – June 2020

Minutes of the PCC meeting held via Zoom on 10 June 2020

Present: Kate – chair, Paul, Sue, Mary. Ann, Les, Jo, Steve, Andrew, Andy G, Emma, Kim, Chris, David, Anne

Apologies from Lesley and Gary

Kate opened the meeting with a prayer

Minutes of last meeting:

Notice board approval from DAC, otherwise approved.

1.            Matters Arising:

Update on Christian Aid – Congregation collection £1638.60, marathons donations £775, with Gift Aid to be added.

Licence for live streaming, videos,  use of hymns etc.  Kate had checked out CCL licence, and had added a Calamus licence at a cost of £80 which provided coverage for all our usage.

Notice board- Andrew reported that Cheshire signs had recommended production, but were not in a position to erect  boards as yet.  Payment has been made so that when rules are relaxed, board would be erected.

Safeguarding:  Nothing to report

2.            Church Opening for Private Prayer

The PCC discussed whether this option would be feasible, taking into account Government and Church guidelines.  The logistics of opening would have to include pre-booking of spaces to restrict numbers, suitable times for opening, building being manned during opening, cleaning of all areas used, ie chairs, doors, light switches, toilets.  The PCC felt the onus would be on how comfortable Kate and Jo felt with this, and the majority felt it would not be possible to safely open for public prayer at the present time. Reconsideration could be given on advice from C of E.

Foodbank continued to operate from the Building and were following strict safety measures.  Kate suggested if the Church was to be opened, they might operate from Parish Centre.   Andy felt this was not viable, but their operations could be screened at the West end of the church.

Kate had received information that funerals could be allowed in Churches from Monday 15th June with restricted numbers.  Again the PCC felt this should be left to Kate and Jo to decide on how safely this could be done.   No vergers or organists would be allowed.  Kate felt it may be possible provided numbers were restricted as at Crematorium services, i..e. up to 10 close family.  Awaiting further information from the Diocese in this regard, and when this came through it would be emailed to PCC. 

3.            Review Quadrants

This would be ongoing, but positives were the live streaming and videos of services.  A number of people had viewed these and it was felt it y eventually encourage people into church, in a non-threatening way.  The phone calls to congregation had a positive feed back from those making and receiving calls and again this may be something to continue, particularly for those unable to ge to church.

We should try, as soon as practical and possible, to restart Job Club, Lunch Club, and encourage groups back into building.  The Guiding organisations would follow their own recommendations.

The lockdown had made up come up with different ways of delivering services, and Holiday Club volunteers had met on line6.           

4.            Sub Groups

Worship and Spirituality: minutes circulated.  This group had met via Zoom

Summer Lunch Club – David and Niamh were prepared to cook meals once a week, to be collected or delivered.  As they were in the same household this would not be a problem with distancing.  There was some doubt about the continuation of free school meal provision during the summer holidays.  D of E had not plans for free school meals at present, but this could change.

Kate reported that Jet of Saints project was instigating an ecumenical Covid project across the town concentrating on food provision and mental health.  It was hoped that food could be given out by delivery or collection but Risk Assessments were still to b undertaken.  Jo would e mail Chris Florence from Local Authority, to get update on the situation regarding feeding families during school holidays.

200 x200 minutes circulated – met via Zoom:  Positive gains and looking for ways to move forward.  Considering the completion of the Alpha course on line.

Holiday Club – .  Lesley had sourced a Club based on a Circus theme and it was hoped this could be delivered to interested children by way of a box containing crafts, games, stories etc., which could be used for those with or without access to Facebok/Zoom via a computer.  Boxes to be delivered or collected, dependant on situation at the time.  Holiday Club would be from Monday to Friday prior to the August Bank Holiday.

Buildings and Finance:  Notice board update given.  Andrew felt a social distanced churchyard cleanup could be considered.

Pastoral Care:  Lots happening behind the scenes.  Emergency payer circle very busy.  Julia was delivering cards.  Prayer group lists to be left as existing for time being.

Social Committee:  Lesley was looking into an on line Murder Mystery in aid of Macmillan Nurses.  However, as this would require 8 actors, could prove difficult.  She was still exploring this.

5.            Inclusive Church

Inclusive Church is a network of churches, groups and individuals uniting together around a shared vision:

“We believe in inclusive Church – a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate. We will continue to challenge the church where it continues to discriminate against people on grounds of disability, economic power, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, learning disability, mental health, neurodiversity or sexuality. We believe in a Church which welcomes and serves all people in the name of Jesus Christ; which is scripturallyfaithful; which seeks toproclaim the Gospel afresh for each generation; and which, in the power of the Holy Spirit, allows all people to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Jesus Christ.”

Kate felt this  was something we should look at even if we eventually decided not to apply to be regarded as an “inclusive church”.  She suggested taking this forward by asking speakers to talk during the “Summer talks” slot in services.  Te PCC approved suggestion.

6.                AOB

Kate had come across Andrew Greystone, a speaker at Greenbelt, who she felt was worth pursing as he was humorous and insightful.   It was agreed she would approach him to do a virtual book launch with our Church and across the Deanery.  There would be no cost involved. 

Kate’s sabbatical –Kate would postpone this in view of present situation but asked the PCC to agree two or three weeks reading and recharge retreat which she would negotiate with Jo, who would lead in her absence.  The PCC agreed gratefully with this suggestion.

PAT testing – Anne wondered if this was due.  Andrew would check dates with Gary.

7.                Date of next meeting:  8 July 2020 via Zoom

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