PCC Minutes – October 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

20th October 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Andrew Godfrey, Rob Jones, Gary King, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Jane Udall, Kim Fawcett, David Spiers, Steve Marsden, Nigel Blease

Apologies: Paul West, Susan West.

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (18-08-21) were approved.

Matters arising:

The Music Missioner post recruitment has been halted. Changes have been made to the Diocesan funding available.

Growing Families Faith Worker – Kate is trying to resolve an issue which has arisen with the funding.

Safeguarding Update:

No safer recruitment approvals required at this meeting.

Risk assessments approval:

SPOGs risk assessment – PCC approved the document (which was circulated prior to the meeting). SPOGs plan to ‘reopen’ on 31st October.

Church Building – Re-opening conversation:

As cases have been rising both nationally and locally, PCC discussed whether any additional measures or changes to the current approach were required.

Comments included:

Generally in the community there is a ‘relaxing’ of covid safety measures, fewer people wearing masks in shops etc. The church services feel relatively safe with most people still choosing to wear masks.

There is a disconnect between asking people to wear masks in the service, but not whilst socialising, chatting at coffee time. However, coffee is optional if people don’t feel safe.

Other services such as baptisms have seen much fewer people wearing masks. Also fewer people wearing masks at other activities such as Stay and Play.

The message that we are taking measures to protect each other, not just ourselves, needs to be re-iterated.

It is important to keep worship services going and it seems we are generally getting the balance right.

PCC agreed to continue to strongly encourage masks to be worn inside the building where possible and keep all other measures under review through the winter based on local circumstances and national guidance.

Action – check with the volunteers for coffee and various other activities (eg Stay and Play) that they are happy to continue, with no pressure for them to do so if they are uncomfortable.

Pastoral Care Committee Reorganisation:

Kate proposed a reorganisation of the group whereby each member would act as a lead for each aspect of pastoral care.

There was general agreement to this concept, so Kate will develop this into a more detailed plan.

Action – Kate to put together a plan to be discussed at the next PCC meeting

Reports and Decisions from sub-Committees

Buildings and Finance:

The accounts had been circulated prior to the meeting. Gary updated the group that income was up compared to 12 months ago, and expenses are down (eg utilities). There is still a loss, and a gap between envelope (regular giving) income and the Parish Share, but not as large as last year. Gift Aid is still to be claimed for the year to date (from January). It is possible that the Gift Aid and regular giving may cover the Parish Share for the year.

The bank where we currently hold our account is closing its Nuneaton branch. The B&F committee will consider whether it is practical to continue to bank with them or if a new account will be required with bank with a local branch.

The Green Audit and Quinquennial reports have been received and were circulated prior to the meeting.

The Green Audit report makes some recommendations but further consideration shows that some may be more complicated than they initially appear – eg changing to low energy bulbs will require new light fittings in some areas. However, green and low energy measures will be considered when any work is done on the building.

The quinquennial report has identified a number of areas of work that are required, but no major unexpected structural issues.

PCC agreed for the Building and Finance Committee to take forward necessary actions from the green audit and quinquennial reports, coming back to PCC for approval for specific works if/when necessary.

It is proving difficult to find contractors willing to carry out work to repair the windows.

Notices have been displayed for the application for Hannah’s tree plaque, we should have a decision shortly.

Social Committee:

The Social Committee had met to discuss plans for the Christmas Bazaar, however since that meeting, the local covid situation has become more concerning.

Plans had been made to continue with the Bazaar with additional spacing inside between stalls etc. However, discussion raised concerns about having stalls inside and the potential for crowded situations.

PCC agreed to continue to plan for the Bazaar to go ahead, but for the Social Committee to further consider how to organise it in the most covid-safe way possible. The raffle will go ahead.

Action – Social Committee to arrange another meeting to discuss. To be brought to the next PCC meeting for final approval (or decision not to hold the Bazaar).

There is a Christmas Tree Festival planned around the local community – people will decorate a tree and display it in their garden/outside their house.

Bedworth Brass are available for a Christmas Concert. PCC agreed to pencil this in but leave it until nearer the date to confirm in case of changes to the local Covid situation.

Worship and Spirituality:

The planned meeting was cancelled and has been rescheduled, however updates to PCC included the All Souls service to be held on 31st October with candles lit in the churchyard for loved ones who have died.

No plans had been made for a Beer and Carols service, and this will not go ahead this year based on the Covid situation.

Any other business:

There has been a request to expand the Traidcraft stall back to its previous size and location in the foyer. PCC agreed to increase the size of the stall but not to its full previous size as some extra space is still required for Covid spacing.

There has been low attendance at the 8am service on Sunday – this is important to the regular members and is currently the service which is being streamed for those that cannot attend. The service will continue but number attending and number viewing the streaming will be kept under review

Kate’s planned sabbatical (18 months ago) did not go ahead – she informed PCC that, pending approval, she will take 12 weeks sabbatical (plus 1 week annual leave) next January to approx. Easter time – exact dates to be confirmed.

Both Mary Ball and Mark Magee have decided to resign from the PCC due to other commitments – Kate and the PCC expressed their thanks for the contributions they have made during their time in PCC.

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 10th November 2021, 7.30pm (TBC whether this will be on Zoom or in person).

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