PCC Minutes – June 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

9th June 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Revd Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Susan West, Paul West, David Spiers, Rob Jones, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Steve Marsden, Jane Udall, Mark Magee, Nigel Blease, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Emma Kennedy, Gary King,

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Election of PCC Secretary and Treasurer:

Kimberley Fawcett was elected as PCC Secretary – nominated by Steve Marsden and seconded by Nigel Blease.

Gary King was elected as PCC Treasurer – nominated by Paul West and seconded by Ann Pipe.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (12-05-21) were approved. All decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members via email (16 responses received agreeing to the decisions, none received opposing decisions).

Matters arising –

No additional volunteers have yet come forward to help/be present during SPOGS meetings.

In addition to the summer scheme run by the council discussed in AOB at the last meeting, there may be a similar scheme run by Saints. Again, we could agree to provide a venue , PCC agreed for Kate to follow up both schemes and offer a vanue on a first come first served basis.

Action – Kate to follow up.

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC agreed to approve the safer recruitment of: Emily Lowry.

Kate recirculated the list of non-church activities for the safeguarding dashboard/action plan, which was approved by PCC. The Wednesday Pensioners Group has not been included as the leader has indicated she will not be continuing, so the group will not be re-starting unless a new volunteer is found.

Action – Kate/Ann to check the hire agreements for non-church groups when they re-start to ensure it includes the safeguarding addendum.

Foundation Governor Recruitment:

A new foundation governor must be recruited for St Paul’s School, to be appointed by the PCC.

Lyn Unsworth was unfortunately unable to join the meeting due to technical difficulties, but sent comments and advice via email.

Kate had circulated the guidance for recruitment of foundation governors prior to the meeting. The recruitment will include an application form, interviews and references.

The priorities for the Foundation Governor will be to strengthen the church school ethos, build links between the school and faith communities, and to help prepare for the SIAMS. The Governor will need to be follow the Christian faith but need not be a member of our congregation or the Church of England.

PCC agreed for Kate to start the recruitment process for a Foundation Governor

Re-opening strategy:

‘Back to normal’ survey – results had been circulated prior to the meeting.

PCC agreed to recommence Wednesday morning communion services in the church building.

There is now no maximum number of attendees for funerals, except for the capacity of the building. PCC agreed to increasing capacity for funerals to ‘up to 60’ (dependent on household groupings)

Following the success of the outdoor service for Pentecost, PCC agreed to further outdoor services during the summer, dates proposed were 27th June, 8th July and 5th September.

PCC agreed to re-opening the Fairtrade stall in the foyer from 27th June, reduced in size to allow space for circulation and social distancing in the foyer.

PCC agreed to the Food Bank moving back into the main hall from the parish centre from 5th July. Space has been created in the storage areas for their increased stock.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality:

Efforts to source and engrave silver cruets have not been successful. PCC agreed for W&S to explore options for glass cruets.

This would mean that the donations made in memory of family to replace the current cruet set would need to be re-allocated – Kate will speak to the donors to see if they will agree to this.

A suggested alternative for the donations is replacement altar frontals, perhaps commissioning a textile artist to design something for the 200 year anniversary. PCC agreed for W&S to explore options and pricing.

When the 8am (Sunday) services restart, they will be streamed instead of the 10am service – it is difficult to broadcast the 10am service due to the fixed positions required for the recording equipment.

There will also be a break in live streamed services over part of the summer, to give Liam and David a break.

Audio Visual Equipment – the Diocesan advisor on AV equipment visited the church to discuss our needs and options. We need to identify how we currently use the equipment, what for etc, and also what we want to do/use it for in the future. The Advisor can then help to develop a specification for the new equipment. It will need to meet current requirements but be ‘future-proof’ to allow for new things in the future. It also needs to be easy to use, with more people trained in how to use the equipment – the current situation where only a couple of people can use the equipment confidently is unsustainable and unfair.

Action – Kate to start to develop a framework of how we do/will/want to use the AV equipment. To be discussed at the next PCC meeting.

Action – set up a dedicated working group for this issue.

Buildings and Finance:

PCC agreed to accept a quote of £450 to repair and repaint the gates.

A letter has been received with a complaint about the path in the churchyard. The path is the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council and PCC agreed for Jo to contact them to resolve the issue.

PCC agreed the role description for a cleaner that was circulated prior to the meeting. There was discussion around the ad-hoc, occasional and reactive nature of some of the work previously done by Jane (eg taking into account different events in different weeks), and how this could not be covered in a formal role description. There is scope to review the role description after 3 months. Groups that use the hall and parish centre will also need to be reminded of their responsibilities to leave the building clean and tidy.

A lone worker policy will need to be developed and the Health and Safety policy updated.

Action – Kate to draft a lone worker policy and review the health and safety policy, to be considered by B&F at the next meeting.

Pastoral Care:

The Pastoral Care committee had met to consider the future of the group, with the suggestion to disband the current group, with a new group to be set up to co-ordinate future pastoral care activities. PCC agreed to disband the current pastoral care committee. Kate and the PCC expressed thanks for the work done by Jo Male who will be stepping down from leading the Pastoral care committee and the rest of the committee members.

Mission and Outreach/200 by 200:

The group has now met (meetings had paused since lockdown), minutes were circulated. The Ten Minute Tuesday videos have been popular and well received. There is potential to build on this and the success of the online offer with a course (such as Alpha or Start) in the autumn.

Social Committee:

The group has now met (meetings had paused since lockdown) and discussed plans for the Summer Gala.

The Summer Gala will be held on 18th July, as an outside event. Volunteers are needed to run stalls. The prize draw will go ahead – tickets to be £1 each, with the £100 prize donated by Devall’s funeral directors.

Any other business:

Growing Faith Family worker – PCC approved one more advertisement of the post before the funding must be returned to the Diocese.

Fair Trade Church commitment – PCC agreed to commit to being a Fair Trade church

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 14th July 2021, 7.30pm (via Zoom)

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