PCC Minutes – May 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

12th May 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Revd Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Gary King, Susan West, Paul West, David Spiers, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Steve Marsden, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Jane Udall, Mark Magee, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy, Christine Smith, Nigel Blease,

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (21-04-21) were approved. All decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members via email (11 responses agreeing to the decisions, none received opposing decisions).

Matters arising – none other than items covered in the agenda.

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC agreed to approve the safer recruitment of: Julia Gazeley, Susan West.

It was brought to the attention of the PCC that it is not best practice (for safeguarding) for Steve and Sarah Marsden to be the only adults present at each SPOGs meeting. It was emphasised that there are no concerns regarding their conduct or the management of the group, and there have been no safeguarding incidents reported in the time they have been running the group. However, it is an avoidable risk for them to be the only adults present (as a married couple) in the event that an allegation is made or an incident occurs involving one, and the other has to report or provide evidence.

PCC agreed that now the issue has been identified it must be addressed, and so for future meetings another adult (who has undergone safer recruitment and appropriate training) must be present/join the Zoom meetings.

Action – Jo to join the next meeting on 23rd May (and others as she is able) and Kate to appeal for further volunteers.

The Social Media Policy (circulated prior to the meeting) was agreed by PCC with the addition of policies concerning Zoom meetings.

The updated list of non-church activities that is listed on the Safeguarding Action Plan was circulated prior to the meeting and agreed by PCC with the addition of the Pensioners’ Club (Weds). These are the groups that were running pre-covid.

Action – Kate to include Pensioner’s Club and submit the list of non-church activities for the action plan.

Re-opening strategy:

Fresh CofE-specific guidance is expected to be published in a few weeks, in the meantime we should follow the Government’s guidance.

Kate has circulated an online survey to the email contact list asking questions about how the congregation want to move forward – what they have missed, what new things they want to keep etc. It was suggested that this should be more widely circulated in the local community as there has been interest in the facebook page and online services from those who would not normally attend church and we should also consider their views.

Actions – Kate to circulate the survey on social media (potentially with revised questions). Kate to organise printed copies for those who do not have internet access. Results to be discussed at the next meeting.

PCC agreed to risk assessments being carried out for funerals (for each service, depending on circumstances – including the potential for more than 30 mourners based on household groupings/space available). A risk assessment for outdoor services has also been completed and circulated by email. This was agreed by email and at the meeting, with the addition of an assessment of the risks of using electronic equipment outdoors.

Action – Kate to include the use of electronic equipment outdoors in the risk assessment.


The reports from groups have been received, printed and published on the website. The meeting will take place following the Sunday service on 23rd May with people able to attend both in person and via Zoom.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality: no meeting since the last PCC.

Buildings and Finance:

Minutes have been circulated.

Leigh roofing have visited to assess the work required on the roof and have quoted to carry out the works (c£2200 + VAT). PCC agreed to take forward to the DAC for approval to carry out the works. Some work was identified that Leigh Roofing cannot carry out (lightning conductor, masonry etc).

Action – Buildings and Finance Committee to consider how to carry out the outstanding works and bring back to PCC.

Non-slip paint has been organised for the manhole cover on the churchyard path.

A working group has been set up to consider stewardship.

A visit from the Diocesan advisor has been arranged to review the audio equipment, the results will be reported back to PCC.

The request to pollard the lime trees (agreed by PCC at the last meeting) has now been approved by DAC.

An email had been received regarding the request to place a plaque on the churchyard wall for the memorial tree for Hannah (the email expressed concern that we should consider a policy for memorials to prevent too many being requested/approved). The current process is that memorials are agreed at PCC’s discretion and it was agreed that this is sufficient at present, and that the PCC wholeheartedly support this particular memorial plaque being approved.

A copy of the accounts has been circulated. The income is up compared to the same period last year, however this reflects the unusual drop in income last March/April due to the lockdown. Income from the envelopes is still not meeting the Parish Share. There are decent reserves, but these may need to be used if there are issues identified during the Quinquennial inspection (to take place in August).

Also circulated was an application form for the Covid-19 Parish Share Scheme (to waive part of the parish share for parishes experiencing financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic). It was felt that we do not meet the criteria, but the scheme was noted in case it becomes necessary in the future.

Pastoral Care:

Continuing with their regular activities. A meeting will be held to review and refresh the activities of the committee.

Mission and Outreach:

No meeting since the last PCC meeting, but the 200 by 200 group will now start to meet again (first meeting next week).

The first ‘ten minute Tuesday’ video by Nigel has been published on the facebook page.

Social Committee:

The Social Committee will restart meetings, first meeting next week to discuss possible plans for a Summer Gala.

Any other business:

A lot of positive comments have been received from those who have had a thank you card for supporting the church over the past year.

‘Living in love and faith’ (LLF) – the Bishop is encouraging parishes to have conversations around the discussions on ‘Christian teaching and learning about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage’ taking place nationally across the CofE. There is a course in June/July run by the Diocesan LLF champion, if anyone is interested in attending, please speak to Kate or Jo. Please pray for the LLF process and the people who take part.

Summer activities – there is funding available to provide activities and meals to schoolchildren and their families over the summer holidays. The requirement would be for 4 hours per day, over 4 days per week, during 4 weeks of the summer. PCC agreed that we could not resource this as a church, but that we could offer the church as a venue (at times that fit around other established/essential activities such as food bank).

Action – Kate to contact the organisers to offer the church as a venue.

As the church buildings will be used more frequently for different activities, the food bank items will need to be moved out of the parish centre back into the main church building storage spaces. They will require additional storage space, but it should be possible to move some items no longer used and allow them more storage.

Actions – Andy to contact food bank to ask them to move back to previous arrangements on storage. Existing storage space to be reviewed. 

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 9th June 2021, 7.30pm (via Zoom)

Date of APCM:

Sunday 23rd May 2021, following the 10am service (in the church building and via Zoom)

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