PCC Minutes – Apr 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

21st April 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Revd Kate Massey, Revd Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Gary King, Susan West, Paul West, Christine Smith, David Spiers, Nigel Blease, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Anne Murray, Steve Marsden, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Jane Udall, Mark Magee, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy,

Revd Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (10-03-21) were approved, except for a revision for accuracy (under AOB, contractors in the Church building). All decisions made at that meeting have been ratified by a majority of members via email (13 approved all decisions, 2 responded to approve all decisions except for the date to reopen the church building for worship).

Safeguarding Update:

The Safer Recruitment process for the following people has been carried out, and PCC agreed to approve the safer recruitment of: Deborah Blease.

Ann has sent out letters to those that require updated DBS checks and/or training.

Action Plan: the action plan is now at Level 3.

Action: Review the church activities in the action plan at the next PCC meeting.

The Social Media Policy was reviewed. It was decided to include a new section regarding Zoom meetings. 

Action: Kate to include a section on Zoom and recirculate for approval.

Known offenders – Kate explained that where there are known offenders in the church that require a safeguarding response, we are required to notify the Diocesan safeguarding team (and vice versa if they are aware of known offenders), and reassured PCC that this process is/will be carried out.

Paperwork storage – safeguarding paperwork is stored in a locked box in the filing cabinet in the church office. Ann also has a file at home (locked) containing DBS checks etc. Any documents stored on the computer or sent via email are password protected.

Re-opening strategy:

The church building re-opened for worship on 28th March as agreed at the last meeting.

There have been enquiries made about weddings and Baptisms – these will be allowed from 17th May. It was agreed to offer stand-alone Baptism services from June.

Action – Kate/Churchwardens to review the risk assessment to cover stand-alone Baptism services.

The Guides have asked if they could meet face-to-face. Kate/Churchwardens responded that they may meet outside with their own risk assessment (as approved by PCC before Christmas, although they did not actually meet at that time). As they are a youth organisation, the current Govt guidelines state they may meet indoors from 12th April, however this has not yet been agreed.

It was felt that we should not re-open the main church building or parish centre for groups at this time (except for essential services such as food bank that have continued throughout the pandemic).


The annual report was circulated by Gary. It includes some additional paragraphs regarding the Covid-19 impact on the church.

PCC approved the report.

The PCC expressed thanks to Gary for putting the report together.

PCC agreed that a card/note of thanks should be sent to the regular givers expressing thanks for continuing to financially support the church.

Action – Kate to organise cards.

Growing Faith Family Worker

The Diocese will not agree to reduce the hours for the post (the role includes work for the Diocese as well as work at St Paul’s). Kate has been given details of a potential candidate.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality:

The review of Lent and Easter showed some concern that the Lent meetings did not have as much uptake as usual, but there was a good response to the Holy Week reflections and the Easter services.

There is a need to increase the number of people doing readings and prayers for the Sunday services.

PCC agreed to singing the final hymn outside to end the Sunday service.

PCC agreed to an outdoor service for Pentecost (23rd May).

Action – Kate/Churchwardens to review the risk assessment to include outdoor services.

Planning is underway for Christian Aid Week (w/c 10th May) including a garden party at the Pipe’s house, a 300,000 steps challenge, knitted hearts and a service on 16th May.

Summer Talks – the congregation will be asked if there are any topics they would like to hear a sermon about.

It is felt that we need to review whether the current audio-visual equipment is suitable to continue providing an on-line presence as well as in-building worship.

Action – Buildings and Finance Committee to consider.

Buildings and Finance:

PCC reviewed the management accounts. We expect income of £5,700 from Gift Aid. We are managing on our current income.

Green Audit – ‘Green Journey’ have been contacted to carry out a green audit. They will not do onsite visits until after 21st June. PCC agreed to allow them ‘level 1’ authorisation, which means they can have access to utility bills and other data. Low carbon/carbon neutral changes should be considered when we are carrying out maintenance.

Leigh Roofing have agreed to prioritise an inspection of the roof when they return from their current job in Wales. It was suggested that we consider solar panels on the roof.

The Quinquennial inspection has been arranged to take place on 18th August.

The group have agreed to put together a list of required maintenance jobs (eg windows, wooden doors, gates).

PCC agreed to allow pollarding of the Lime Trees.

Pastoral Care:

Continuing with their regular activities.

Mission and Outreach:

Nigel updated the meeting about the Ten Minute Tuesday videos, exploring issues such as science and faith, evolution, faith journeys, Christian coping strategies for stress. There will be 9 sessions in total and Nigel will do a short video introducing the series. An email will be set up for further questions or discussion (it was felt that there was potential for negative or offensive comments if the comments section is used).

PCC approved a start date of 11th May.

Meetings will resume for the 200 by 200 project.

Easter Hampers – there was a last minute change and parcels were distributed from schools rather than the church building, but families and schools expressed gratitude to the church for making the contact with Saints.

Summer funding – funding will be available to run sessions over the summer holidays with food and activities, however these will need to be 4-hour sessions.

Action – to discuss the summer programme at the next meeting.

Any other business:

Congratulations to Revd Jo who has been ‘signed off’ and has completed her training!

The Social Committee meetings are to resume.

Summer Gala – we want to explore ways we can safely hold a summer gala, possibly later in the year than usual depending on Govt guidelines and the local Covid situation. PCC agreed to hold a prize draw.

The Deanery Finance meeting is to be held tomorrow and all are welcome to attend (on Zoom).

Action – Kate to circulate the meeting invitation.

David Spiers gave notice that he will not resume volunteering to cook meals in the church centre. The PCC thanked him for his previous service.

Steve Marsden gave an update of the SPOGs activities – the Lent course went well and they will now resume the fortnightly meetings on Zoom.

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 12th May, 7:30pm (on Zoom).

Date of APCM:Sunday 23rd May 2021, following the 10am service (in the church building and via Zoom)

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