PCC Minutes – Jan 2021

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

13th January 2021

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Rev Kate Massey, Rev Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey, Mary Ball, Gary King, Susan West, Paul West, Christine Smith, David Spiers, Nigel Blease, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Jane Udall, Anne Murray, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Mark Magee, Steve Marsden, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy

Rev Kate opened the meeting with prayer.

Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting (11-11-20) were approved.

Matters Arising included:

Growing Faith Family Worker – the late application was not invited for interview. PCC agreed that the post would be advertised once more and if there is still no suitable applicant, we will request that the Diocese reconsider the role.

Sewing Circle – knitted nativities for Christmas so don’t have surplus items for an online shop.

Office computer – Jo and Kate still to consider options.

Christmas meals and treat bags – only two households requested Christmas meals, but they were appreciated. The Christmas bags were very successful with more demand than expected. PCC agreed to reallocating the budget agreed for the meals to cover costs of the additional bags.

Christmas card deliveries – worked very well and were very much appreciated, thanks to David for organising and to those that made deliveries.

Cleaner – on hold whilst the church building is closed.

SPOGS zoom meeting – first meeting went well and plan to run more this term.

Guides – decided not to meet in the churchyard as requested due to additional lockdown restrictions and potential risks.

Safeguarding Update:

The safeguarding dashboard was circulated prior to the meeting.

A review of the dashboard was identified as an urgent action, this has now been done. The procedure for responding to allegations has been reviewed (no change necessary). PCC agreed to (re) appoint Ann Pipe as Safeguarding Officer. Julia Gazeley has agreed to continue to coordinate DBS checks. Online courses for DBS administrators are not currently available, but will soon be available online. PCC agreed that activities that are not currently running can be removed from the list for reviews, except for Messy Church At Home which is running.

Kate presented the risk assessment for Messy Church At Home, which was agreed subject to the addition of a statement that volunteers delivering the bags should wear masks, and a statement that parents are required to advise of any food allergies.

The safer recruitment process for Lynne Unsworth, Niamh Spiers and Rob Jones has been completed. PCC approved these.

Action: Kim to send a letter on behalf of PCC to appoint Ann Pipe as Safeguarding Officer

Action: Safeguarding Plan to be formally reviewed by PCC at least 3 times each year – Kim to add to PCC meeting forward planner.

Action: Ann Pipe to send reminders to PCC members that need to complete training.

Action: Kate to update Messy Church At Home risk assessment as agreed.

Temporary closure of the church building due to COVID-19:

Permission from the Bishop has been received following the decision taken by PCC (via email) to temporarily close the church building, to be reviewed by 28th January 2021. The Church of England has now issued a blanket permission to close church buildings until national lockdown is lifted, where the PCC agrees.

PCC agreed to review the temporary closure by 28th January (via email) and to appoint a sub-committee consisting of Kate, Jo and the Church Wardens to oversee matters including risk assessments etc.

Online and telephone worship will continue. 22 regular worshipers don’t have online access at all, they will be encouraged to use the phoneline. PCC agreed that where cost is a barrier to accessing worship, we will assist with the cost.

Parish Magazine:

Pete Aldersley has retired from the position of editor of the Parish Magazine, and the PCC thanked him for his work. As no-one else has volunteered to take this over, PCC agreed that Kate will coordinate a shorter monthly newsletter including photos of community and church events/activities. This will be placed on the website and hard copies can be delivered to those that cannot access online.

Sub-Committee Reports

Worship and Spirituality:

The Christmas services were successful and well received.

A good number of people are accessing online worship services, regularly into three figures. We will continue to provide all the online services whilst lockdown continues.

Plans are being considered for Lent, Holy Week and Easter. This needs to meet spiritual needs whilst being accessible to the wider community that have joined in with online services. A potential Lent course has been identified, which can be followed by individuals/families at home with the option to join weekly Zoom meetings for discussion and fellowship.

Buildings and Finance:

Gary circulated the accounts, showing a reduction in income of £27k and an overall loss of £10k. Utilities bills have not reduced despite the building being used much less, but meter readings have now been provided so this may reduce. There is still a gap between the income from envelopes and the Parish Share, we may need to look at using alternative funds to cover the Parish Share later in the year. The Parish Share for the next year is still to be confirmed.

Around £900 was raised from the Christmas draw and donations, and over £1000 was donated to the Childrens Society.

The quinquennial inspection is due in August. The Diocese now has a list of approved architects/inspectors to carry this out – our usual architect is not currently on the list. PCC agreed to ask the architect to apply to be approved – if he does not wish to do this or is not successful, we will choose an alternative from the Diocesan list.

Clock repair – in addition to the clock repair, the engineer has discovered that the night silencer has broken. PCC agreed to the repair for the clock (approx. £500) but not the repair to the silencer (approx. £1100). This can be reviewed in the future if necessary.

Heating – the boiler has been serviced and advice was given about the underfloor heating system, some adjustments have been made to try to improve the water flow (and the heat distribution) through the system.

Roof – a beam in the roof which has been deteriorating may soon require more urgent attention. PCC agreed for the buildings & finance committee to contact the usual roofing firm for advice and a quote if work is necessary (Leigh Roofing).

Replacement trees – Andrew is in liaison with the Diocesan tree officer regarding the placement of three cherry trees to replace the ones taken down in error. PCC agreed the suggestion of two placed at the front of the churchyard (near the bus stop) and one at the rear. PCC agreed for Kate to liaise with the Guides to dedicate one tree as a memorial tree for Hannah.

Pastoral Care:

Continuing with the usual activities, and will review the list for regular phone calls given the new lockdown situation – some who had asked to stop receiving them may want to start again.

Action: Kate to include a note in the weekly newsletter/email to ask if anyone wants to (re)start receiving phonecalls.

Mission and Outreach:

Face to face and group outreach has not been able to continue, but lots of outreach has been happening with online services, community events, facebook page etc. Kate and Nigel are exploring options to provide an online short course (similar to Alpha or Start) for people who are joining online worship and want to explore more about faith.

Any other business: None

Date of next meeting:

Wednesday 10th March 2021, 7:30pm via Zoom.

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