PCC Minutes – Sep 2020

Minutes of the PCC meeting held via Zoom on 9 September 2020

Present: Jo- chair, Paul, Sue, Ann, Les,  Lesley, Gary, Jane, Andrew, Andy G, Emma, Kim, Chris, David, Steve, Anne

1.            Everyone welcomed and Jo opened the meeting with a psalm and prayer

2.            Apologies from Kate and Mary

3.            Minutes of last meeting:

Previous minutes should have read shortfall of £15000 not £1500, otherwise approved.

4.            Standing items

Safeguarding:  Ann had nothing to report.  No new volunteers, no renewals, one DBS renewal due in September.

Jo advised that some amendments had been made to web site to remove individual contacts as a problem had arisen.  Those with contact details on website would be contacted to see if they were happy for details to remain.

5.            Worship and Spirituality

At a recent meeting, summer had been reviewed and now looking towards Autumn/Winter – Christmas.  Suggestions to date included Harvest in Churchyard; All Saints and All Souls –In view of lack of funeral services available during lockdown, this could be a large event this year –  possibility again of using churchyard with lanterns and candles lit similar to 100 year remembrance.  No Remembrance service in town this year, possibly use churchyard as local focal point, maybe with large cross decorated with poppies or similar;  Christingle in a bag;  Advent around the streets with volunteers placing something in window/forecourt to tell Christmas story; Crib service again may be possible to organise something in churchyard; Giant carol service via Zoom; Muddy Church again utilising churchyard, possibly with planting of bulbs in Spring; Christmas Bazaar again possibly using churchyard as open air market.  A further meeting was to be held to try and confirm some arrangements, but plans would always be subject to Government edicts at the time.

6.            Buildings and Finance

Financial Update:  Although we could meet parish share from reserves this year, this was unlikely to be maintained and Gary was concerned as reserves would be reduced considerably with little possibility of fund being replenished.

PCC felt reserves should be used this year and situation reviewed later.

Church Cleaning:  Jane was stepping down from this role and a notice would be placed in newsletter seeking volunteers.  Thanks to Jane for all her hard work.  Little work involved at present with church closed except for Sunday service and occasional funeral, but if a cleaner is employed hours could be increased as required as building comes back into use.

Telephone cable:  This had been brought down by falling tree branch and temporary repair carried out.  BT require a corridor clear of tree branches from centre to vicarage to install new cable.  Sue had arranged this with council within the next 7 days (don’t hold your breath) and then BT could be contacted to make new installation.  Anne M was account holder for BT number and it was suggested that additional names should be added to assist in communication with BT.  Anne would attempt this and also make enquires about underground cable connection. 

Notice Board:  Both boards installed, keys in office.  Large board more complicated locking system via alum key. Thanks to all concerned for hard work involved in arranging new boards.

Clock:  Only millennium face working.  Les would contact Smiths to see how they were working during lock down and if a repair is possible in the foreseeable future.

Tree suckers:  A group cleared these from base of trees

7.            Pastoral Care

Phone list further revised, and this would continue on a fortnightly basis subject to review.

Cards still being sent out, and prayer requests acted upon.  Prayer list revised by Julia.

8.            Mission and Outreach

Start Course:  Kate looking to instigate this over the Autumn; already used in part to start Baptism preparation discussions

Corporate Prayer:  Jo would like this to be available, possible by appointment after the Wednesday service if this is restarted from Church. 

Compline:  Numbers watching on Sunday evening or later in week would be monitored and may be discontinued.  C of E Podcast could be used in lieu.  

9.                APCM

The Diocese had advised that this meeting should take place before the end of October 2020.  The PCC decided that this would be held on 18 October 2020 to be attended via Zoom or in church by appointment after the 10 am service.  Notice would be given in newsletter and at the end of service, requesting reports to be forwarded to church e mail by 4 October and any accounts requiring audit to Gary as soon as possible.  Statutory notices would be placed on church door and nomination forms available for downloading on line for PCC and Churchwarden elections.  Anne would liaise with Jo regarding reports and accounts already received, which could be scanned and added to APCM report.

10.          AOB

Growing in Faith Family Worker:  Kate hoping to shortlist soon.

Rainbows:  This group had enquired about reopening and payment of rent.  Anne explained that the uniformed organisations were billed school termly, and accounts sent out at half term, so rent was due both in arrears and advance.  She would check current payments as some may have paid after February half term prior to lockdown.  If so they would be a few weeks in credit, but as Rainbows had not paid there would be a half term plus a few weeks owing.  There was no chance of restarting groups at present, and Guide association has confirmed this.

Baptisms:  Only one enquiry outstanding at present, and logistics of cleaning after main service was discussed.  Only one family could be accommodated at one time and Lesley suggested plastic chairs be used for ease of cleaning.  Kate had produced information sheet on what to expect at Baptism service, and again various methods of preparation for Baptism had been suggested.

Inclusive Church:  Kate suggested this be postponed until Church life returns to more normality.

Traidcraft:    Andy  advised that catalogues were now available and asked if non-returnable catalogues could be placed in Church for ordering through himself.  This was approved.  Online catalogues available with orders via Andy and Julia to avoid postage costs.

11.          Date of next meeting:  14 October 2020 via Zoom

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