PCC Minutes – Nov 2020

St Paul’s Stockingford PCC Meeting

11th November 2020

(Meeting held via Zoom)

Present: Rev Kate Massey, Rev Jo Joyce, Andrew Godfrey (Chair), Mary Ball, Steve Marsden, Mark Magee, Susan West, Paul West, Christine Smith, David Spiers, Nigel Blease, Rob Jones, Andy Gazeley, Ann Pipe, Les Pipe, Jane Udall, Anne Murray, Kim Fawcett.

Apologies: Gary King, Ese Otobo, Emma Kennedy

Rev Kate opened with prayer

Elections to posts

PostNominated memberProposerSeconderOutcome
Deputy ChairAndrew GodfreyDavid SpiersChris SmithAgreed
TreasurerGary KingSusan WestNigel BleaseAgreed
SecretaryKim FawcettDavid SpiersAndrew GodfreyAgreed
3rd Deanery Synod RepRob JonesChris SmithAnne MurrayAgreed
Co-opted PCC MemberMark MageePaul WestChris SmithAgreed
Co-opted PCC MemberEse OtoboRob JonesPaul WestAgreed
Stewardship SecretaryPaul WestDavid SpiersAnne MurrayAgreed

Minutes from previous meeting

The minutes for the meeting of 9th September 2020 were agreed subject to a note being added to clarify that the planned meeting on 14th October was not held, as the APCM was held on 18th October.

Matters arising: Growing in Faith Family Worker recruitment – an application was received after the closing date, still to be considered.


Ann Pipe updated that the Safer Recruiting process had been completed for Paul West, Steve Marsden, Anne Murray and Nigel Blease. These were approved by PCC.

The Safer Recruiting process is still underway for Niamh and David Spiers, to be considered at the next meeting.

Three new DBS applications have been completed for Rob Jones, Nigel and Deborah Blease.

Action – Mark Magee and Ese Otobo will need to apply for DBS as new co-opted members of PCC.

Action – Ann explained that the safeguarding training is now available online, those that need it will be sent details and encouraged to complete the training as soon as possible.

Steve Marsden explained that SPOGS are wanting to meet virtually (on Zoom) and discussed a consent form and risk assessment developed using Diocesan and Girl Guiding safeguarding guidance. PCC agreed the documents subject to an addition regarding recording of meetings and monitoring of the chat function.

Action – SPOGS online meeting documents to be updated as above.

Worship & Spirituality

Susan updated the group that two W&S meetings had been held since the last PCC meeting. Following the announcement of the second ‘lockdown’, it was decided not to change or reduce any online worship offerings but to continue to live stream worship.

Planning for Christmas worship is under way, with plans made to cover different scenarios if we are or are not able to meet/hold services in the church building. This includes:

  • Decorated windows in the community to be revealed each day of Advent.
  • ‘Messy Church in a Bag’ for December
  • Advent Meditations on Sunday evenings (instead of Compline)
  • Quiz night
  • Christingle in the Community (through the schools)
  • Sing Along Carol Service on Zoom
  • Two services on Christmas Eve (to allow for numbers if we are able to use the church) – 8pm and 11.30pm
  • Banner with Christmas message/greeting instead of leaflets to advertise events and services

Worship at home packs are continuing to be sent to those that cannot access the online services.

PCC agreed spending up to £200 for a Christmas banner.

PCC agreed that the Christmas charity collections would be for the Children’s Society.

Action – Kate to include dates for Christmas services/events on the weekly email

Feedback on events:

The Remembrance pebbles were successful, with around 30-40 pebbles left by the cross and a number of visitors.

Very positive comments were received about the candles in the churchyard for All Souls, people especially appreciated the names of their loved ones on the candles.

Buildings & Finance

Andrew shared an email from Gary who was unable to attend the meeting, explaining that the accounts show a £16k deficit expected for the end of the year. There is enough in the account to fulfil the Parish Share for this year but we need to consider the position going forward.

Income from envelopes/regular giving fell in the months from March/April, but have increased over the past few months – some backdated money from that period has been collected and more people have set up standing orders (instead of envelopes). Thanks to Paul West for his letter. A claim for £4,800 in Gift Aid has been submitted but the payment has not yet been received.

The Harvest Appeal raised £244.92 for the food bank (along with gifts of food) – more is expected to have been donated directly through the online giving link but it is not possible to identify how much was donated this way directly from the harvest appeal.

£42 was raised at the All Souls service, PCC agreed that this should go into general funds.

Tenner Club – will continue for the present but we may need to consider whether/how to continue in the future.

Christmas Bazaar – as we will not be able to hold a Christmas Bazaar this year, other ways of raising funds were discussed. It was agreed that we would hold a prize draw with a Traidcraft Hamper as the main prize (and a request for other prizes to be donated). The draw could be done during the Carol Service.

Action – Kate and Anne to look at options for tickets (paper tickets and potentially online tickets)

Action – PCC members to send their donations for the hamper to Andy Gazeley

Sewing Circle – Kate is investigating options for selling the items produced by the Sewing Circle as they are not able to sell at the Christmas Bazaar (or other events earlier in the year). PCC agreed to this in principle.

Trees – The Council have reduced the yew tree that came down and also reduced the ‘wedding’ yew. A complaint was received from a neighbour about brambles and tree debris, which was referred to the Council.

Clock – a part has been taken away for repair.

Office Computer – the office computer needs to be replaced; PCC agreed in principle to spend up to £700. It is important to get a computer that can support the additional requirements for online services etc – possibly a laptop rather than desktop.

Action – Kate, Jo and Anne to look at options for a new office computer.

Pastoral Care

Continuing with ‘normal duties’, an updated list was requested for people making phone calls to the vulnerable and elderly.  

Mission and Outreach

Nigel updated the meeting about the ‘Mission shaped living’ course and suggested it would be good for small groups to follow or to offer as a course like Alpha.

Action – Nigel to request the leader’s booklet/resources for consideration and Worship & Spirituality to consider when/how to offer the course in the new year (after Easter was suggested to avoid clashing with Lent groups).

Christmas Gift Bags – PCC agreed to providing Christmas bags with small gifts etc for 20-30 local families in need (identified through schools) as we won’t be able to do the Christmas shoe boxes as usual.

Christmas Meals – As messy church will not be able to run a Christmas Meal this year, Liam suggested delivering Christmas lunch to 20-30 local families in need (identified through schools). Meals to be prepared by Liam and the Massey family in the parish centre kitchen and distributed by volunteers (volunteers needed!). PCC agreed and authorised a spend of up to £200.


The Guides have requested a socially distanced face-to-face meeting in the churchyard on 10th December in order to celebrate awards and say goodbye to Guides leaving this year, and provided a risk assessment meeting Girl Guiding guidance. PCC agreed in principle providing that the Government guidelines at the time allow the gathering and an updated risk assessment is sent to the Church Wardens for agreement once the restrictions after 2nd Dec are known.

Kate has been contacted by a company that offers free ‘energy audits’ to examine the energy use in the church. This is something we need to consider in the medium term, and the Church of England has committed to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

Action – Kate to pass details to the Buildings & Finance Committee for consideration.

Any Other Business

Christmas Cards – David suggested a ‘postal service’ for Christmas cards so that cards could be delivered from/to members of the congregation. Cards to be delivered to the Vicarage or church, or David could collect, then sorted and delivered by volunteers (volunteers needed). PCC agreed.

No progress has been made on recruitment of a cleaner.

Date of Next Meetings:

7.30pm on 9th December 2020 – only to be held if necessary

7.30pm on 13th January 2021

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