PCC Minutes – June 2020

Minutes of the PCC meeting held via Zoom on 10 June 2020

Present: Kate – chair, Paul, Sue, Mary. Ann, Les, Jo, Steve, Andrew, Andy G, Emma, Kim, Chris, David, Anne

Apologies from Lesley and Gary

Kate opened the meeting with a prayer

Minutes of last meeting:

Notice board approval from DAC, otherwise approved.

1.            Matters Arising:

Update on Christian Aid – Congregation collection £1638.60, marathons donations £775, with Gift Aid to be added.

Licence for live streaming, videos,  use of hymns etc.  Kate had checked out CCL licence, and had added a Calamus licence at a cost of £80 which provided coverage for all our usage.

Notice board- Andrew reported that Cheshire signs had recommended production, but were not in a position to erect  boards as yet.  Payment has been made so that when rules are relaxed, board would be erected.

Safeguarding:  Nothing to report

2.            Church Opening for Private Prayer

The PCC discussed whether this option would be feasible, taking into account Government and Church guidelines.  The logistics of opening would have to include pre-booking of spaces to restrict numbers, suitable times for opening, building being manned during opening, cleaning of all areas used, ie chairs, doors, light switches, toilets.  The PCC felt the onus would be on how comfortable Kate and Jo felt with this, and the majority felt it would not be possible to safely open for public prayer at the present time. Reconsideration could be given on advice from C of E.

Foodbank continued to operate from the Building and were following strict safety measures.  Kate suggested if the Church was to be opened, they might operate from Parish Centre.   Andy felt this was not viable, but their operations could be screened at the West end of the church.

Kate had received information that funerals could be allowed in Churches from Monday 15th June with restricted numbers.  Again the PCC felt this should be left to Kate and Jo to decide on how safely this could be done.   No vergers or organists would be allowed.  Kate felt it may be possible provided numbers were restricted as at Crematorium services, i..e. up to 10 close family.  Awaiting further information from the Diocese in this regard, and when this came through it would be emailed to PCC. 

3.            Review Quadrants

This would be ongoing, but positives were the live streaming and videos of services.  A number of people had viewed these and it was felt it y eventually encourage people into church, in a non-threatening way.  The phone calls to congregation had a positive feed back from those making and receiving calls and again this may be something to continue, particularly for those unable to ge to church.

We should try, as soon as practical and possible, to restart Job Club, Lunch Club, and encourage groups back into building.  The Guiding organisations would follow their own recommendations.

The lockdown had made up come up with different ways of delivering services, and Holiday Club volunteers had met on line6.           

4.            Sub Groups

Worship and Spirituality: minutes circulated.  This group had met via Zoom

Summer Lunch Club – David and Niamh were prepared to cook meals once a week, to be collected or delivered.  As they were in the same household this would not be a problem with distancing.  There was some doubt about the continuation of free school meal provision during the summer holidays.  D of E had not plans for free school meals at present, but this could change.

Kate reported that Jet of Saints project was instigating an ecumenical Covid project across the town concentrating on food provision and mental health.  It was hoped that food could be given out by delivery or collection but Risk Assessments were still to b undertaken.  Jo would e mail Chris Florence from Local Authority, to get update on the situation regarding feeding families during school holidays.

200 x200 minutes circulated – met via Zoom:  Positive gains and looking for ways to move forward.  Considering the completion of the Alpha course on line.

Holiday Club – .  Lesley had sourced a Club based on a Circus theme and it was hoped this could be delivered to interested children by way of a box containing crafts, games, stories etc., which could be used for those with or without access to Facebok/Zoom via a computer.  Boxes to be delivered or collected, dependant on situation at the time.  Holiday Club would be from Monday to Friday prior to the August Bank Holiday.

Buildings and Finance:  Notice board update given.  Andrew felt a social distanced churchyard cleanup could be considered.

Pastoral Care:  Lots happening behind the scenes.  Emergency payer circle very busy.  Julia was delivering cards.  Prayer group lists to be left as existing for time being.

Social Committee:  Lesley was looking into an on line Murder Mystery in aid of Macmillan Nurses.  However, as this would require 8 actors, could prove difficult.  She was still exploring this.

5.            Inclusive Church

Inclusive Church is a network of churches, groups and individuals uniting together around a shared vision:

“We believe in inclusive Church – a church which celebrates and affirms every person and does not discriminate. We will continue to challenge the church where it continues to discriminate against people on grounds of disability, economic power, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, learning disability, mental health, neurodiversity or sexuality. We believe in a Church which welcomes and serves all people in the name of Jesus Christ; which is scripturallyfaithful; which seeks toproclaim the Gospel afresh for each generation; and which, in the power of the Holy Spirit, allows all people to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Jesus Christ.”

Kate felt this  was something we should look at even if we eventually decided not to apply to be regarded as an “inclusive church”.  She suggested taking this forward by asking speakers to talk during the “Summer talks” slot in services.  Te PCC approved suggestion.

6.                AOB

Kate had come across Andrew Greystone, a speaker at Greenbelt, who she felt was worth pursing as he was humorous and insightful.   It was agreed she would approach him to do a virtual book launch with our Church and across the Deanery.  There would be no cost involved. 

Kate’s sabbatical –Kate would postpone this in view of present situation but asked the PCC to agree two or three weeks reading and recharge retreat which she would negotiate with Jo, who would lead in her absence.  The PCC agreed gratefully with this suggestion.

PAT testing – Anne wondered if this was due.  Andrew would check dates with Gary.

7.                Date of next meeting:  8 July 2020 via Zoom

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