PCC Minutes – July 2020

Minutes of the PCC meeting held via Zoom on 8 July 2020

Present: Kate – chair, Paul, Sue, Mary. Ann, Les, Jo, Lesley, Gary, Jane, Andrew, Andy G, Emma, Kim, Chris, David, Anne

1.            Everyone welcomed and Kate opened the meeting with a prayer

2.            Apologies from Steve (Happy Birthday!)

3.            Minutes of last meeting:

Notice board update should have read recommenced production not recommended, otherwise approved.

Summer Talks: Kate had arranged for several people to do these remotely.

4.            Standing items

Safeguarding:  Ann had received paperwork regarding trafficking but nothing further to report. 

Kate is still working on Lone Worker Policy to cover those working alone in the Church building and will circulate this when completed.

5.            Worship and Spirituality

Risk Assessment: Re-opening of Churches for Worship – Kate had circulated considerable paperwork via C of E from which it is clear that the re-opening will not mean church as we know it.  The PCC questioned Kate and Jo’s safety in conducting services, but they were reasonably confident that following guidelines sensibly, this could be done with limited numbers attending.  Live streamed Sunday Worship would continue as at present to allow those unable to attend to continue to worship, irrespective of numbers in Church.  Those wishing to come to Church would have to pre-book as numbers would be limited to 27 initially, with flexibility for those attending in family bubbles.  No hymns would be sung in Church and only one hymn to be live streamed during communion, so people at home would not have a long pause while communion is distributed in Church.  Kate would circulate “What to expect” information so all would be aware of restrictions.

A question was raised regarding use of Balcony to increase numbers, but after discussion it was felt logistically this was not viable at present due to use of hand rails, giving of communion wafers, etc. 

Foodbank had moved into the Parish Centre for the present time, so they could operate without access to the main building.  This would mean that extra cleaning would not be required as the 72 hour guidelines for infection control would not be breached.

Funerals:  If these take place, coffins would be carried into Church and placed in Chancel, the rails would be removed to facilitate this, so bearers need not be close to mourners.  Numbers attending would be restricted to 30 and again family bubbles could be accommodated.  Family would have to provide list of attendees and contact details for track and trace purposes.  Verger would check names on list and discretion used for those wishing to attend, not on list, should space be available.  Hand sanitizer must be used and face masks would be provided for those wishing to use them.  Kate had provisionally booked a funeral for 23 July, and PCC agreed this.

As everyone was happy with the risk assessment by show of hands, Kate wished to recommence with first 10 am service on 19 July, prior to her holiday.  Midweek service in Church would be reviewed depending on demand.  Again this would still give the 72 hour clearance.  If midweek services recommenced, the timing of funerals would have to be taken into account.  Welcomers, initially Churchwardens (although Andrew was away for a fortnight), would have a list of attendees from Paul, who had agreed to be booking clerk for a while, and persuade people to sit where others would not have to pass close by to access seating.

Welcomers and vergers would be required to wipe down door handles, toilets if used, light switches, etc. After service.

If infection was reported, building would be closed for 72 hours and cleaned.

It was suggested that as well as information being on our web site, this should also be included on “A Church near You” site, but Kate was having difficulty accessing this.

Kate, Jo and Churchwardens thanked for all the work, effort and time put into risk assessment.

6.            Buildings and Finance

Financial Update:  Obviously income had dropped, although giving by Standing Order continued.  Income was down by £1500 over the last six months.  The giving via envelopes was an unknown quantity, although some people had intimated their envelopes were still being filled ready for collection when possible.  Although we could use reserves to cover Parish share at present, Gary felt the situation should be reviewed around September.  Income from  occasional offices, Gala and Bazaar would be missed and Lesley suggested an on-line market place for those wishing to sell items to raise funds for Church.  Anne suggested those who would normally run stalls, might like to make donation in lieu.  A virtual Harvest and Christmas Bazaar may be possible.

Notice Board:  Thecheque for payment had been cashed but no time scale as yet for erection.  Not aware of any objections from neighbours.

7.            Pastoral Care

Phone list revised, despite few opting in, and this would continue on a fortnightly basis subject to review.

Cards still being sent out, and prayer requests acted upon.  Some requests received from outside congregation.

8.            Mission and Outreach:

Holiday Club: Crafts being sorted out for inclusion in Holiday Club box which would contain 5 crafts, booklet with story, activity sheet for the day, challenge (Mary making juggling balls from balloons and rice!), Kate, Jo and Lesley organising technology for presentation with David, Niamh arranging songs, all based on a Circus theme, to be delivered to those signing up.

Summer Holiday Food:  Access to Parish Centre kitchen not available, but Government had agreed to extend food voucher scheme during holidays.  Kate suggested contact with Nurture departments at local schools to see if “Treat Bags” were a viable option for those in need.  Later in the year a similar idea had been muted for Christmas Treats and congregation could be asked to provide a bag with suggested contents.

Social Committee:  Murder mystery very successful and Lesley had another one available to perhaps raise funds for Church.

6.                AOB

Andrew had received a request from a Charity, operating out of the old Cross Street Clinic, to use the church as a place of refuge for their vulnerable clients in the event of major incident, i.e. fire.  The PCC felt the church building would not be suitable when fully open as we could not guarantee a useable safe area during the week .  Andrew would reply to this effect suggesting other local churches who do not use their building during the week.

Kate’s reading weeks – Kate suggested 2/3 weeks in September when Jo would be available to cover.  PCC approved this suggestion.

Andrew Greystone’s  talk would be available on 23 July via Zoom. 

7.            Date of next meeting:  5 August 2020 via Zoom ?

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