PCC News – Jan 2020

The PCC met on Wednesday 15th January in the Parish Centre. 15 members were present, and Jo was chair. She, also, led opening prayers.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted. Paul reported that the Arbury Community Centre charity is to be wound up on 31st of January. Kate reported that the contactless giving terminal was now up and running.

Ann Pipe, our Parish Safeguarding Officer, gave her regular update. A number of people had been safely recruited, our training is going well, and we have completed much of our safeguarding action plan. Some groups need to complete risk assessments for the activities they undertake.

Some of the management groups had not met over the Christmas period. However, Gary was able to give an update on finance; and Chris and Susan gave verbal reports of recent meetings. Jo distributed a report from the 200×200 group, and the whole church family is asked to pray for the Alpha course.

We may have a ‘Growing Faith Families Worker’ at St. Paul’s as the Coventry Diocese is part of a pilot initiative. There will be more on this if it goes ahead.

Andrew explained the rational behind the ideas for new notice boards and the PCC approved the designs. The small group will meet again later in January to make the final decisions.

Kate asked for nominations for a new chalice rota and will talk to those involved. She also brought designs for new cruets, the PCC agreeing the final choice.

The need for a new organist to join the rota was discussed, as was the possibility of maybe having a worship band to help lead services.

Steve talked about the need for more leaders for SPOGS. There are currently 14 members, with Steve and Sarah leading. They urgently need support to share the work. Again, all are asked to include this in their prayers.

Kate will be having a three month sabbatical starting sometime over the summer, dates to be decided.

The next meeting is on 11/3/20.

The meeting ended with ‘the grace’.

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