PCC News – Nov 2019

The PCC met on 13th November; the main points from the meeting are as follows. (Please be aware that the minutes have not yet been approved by the PCC.)

Matters arising from previous meetings.

  1. Paul reported that the community café initiative was no longer viable as the Methodist Circuit is going to sell the building. Sue and John Cutts, and Paul were thanked for putting so much time and effort into this.
  2. There is a new electric piano.
  3. Summer lunches were served to 20 families and over 70 different people.


  1. Ann Pipe was confirmed as Parish Safeguarding Officer.
  2. The suggested policy on ‘Responding to an allegation or concern’ was adopted.
  3. There is a diocesan wide past cases review in which we have participated.
  4. Safeguarding action plan was updated.

Building and Finance.

  1. A revised letting and hirer’s policy was agreed, as were changes to letting charges.
  2. Gary reported on tax due from gift aid.
  3. Paul reported that there had been a small increase in giving following the information distributed earlier.

200 x 200.

  1. The table talk and Grove Farm Christmas events were highlighted.
  2. An Alpha course will run starting in January. Volunteers will be needed to help.

Social Committee.

  1. Thanks expressed to people who had signed up for stalls at the bazaar, for leaflet distribution and for the Alternative Christmas Tree Festival.

Contactless giving.

  1. We are going to have a contactless giving terminal available at certain services.
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