PCC News – April/May 2017

Appointment of officers

Following the APCM, the PCC held a brief meeting to appoint the following officers

Vice Chair – Andrew Godfrey

Secretary – Joanna Boughey

Treasurer – Gary King

Electoral Roll – Anne Murray

Covenant Secretary – Paul West

Safeguarding Officer – Ann Pipe, with admin assistance from Joanna Boughey

During the PCC meeting in May, the following items were discussed

The vestry roof repairs are now complete.

There will be a clear-out and rejig of the storerooms in the building during the summer.

A sign to let people know we have a war grave will be put up on the side entrance to the churchyard.

The finances are almost in line with last year, and the parish share is still being covered by the envelopes.

The murder mystery evening went well, and the social committee is now looking toward the summer gala. Signup sheet for stalls will be up this week. Flyers to be delivered will be available soon.

A proposal is being put together to run a Kids Summer Lunch Club over the holidays. Volunteers will be needed and more information will be available soon.

The PCC have agreed to cover the cost of a Christianity Frieze to be put up at St. Paul’s School.

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