PCC News – January 2017

PCC meeting held in January 2017

An encouraging amount of new families attended many of the events and services over the Christmas period.

Small groups are still developing but running well. Small groups will continue to meet up until Lent.

Following several security issues at the Church, measures are being put in place to help combat this antisocial behaviour.

Worship & Spirituality group are going to do a review of the Christmas services and events. Thoughts from the PCC – happy to see the number of Holiday Club families that attended the Crib Service.

2016 Accounts – Good year for envelopes which covered the Parish Share. Income and expenditure for 2016 down slightly, but all expenditure has been met by income.

The Pastoral Care emergency prayer list was actioned during December.

Social Committee are to meet soon to start discussions for events during 2017.

30 Christmas gift bags were given out across the 3 schools in the parish.

The organising of the Summer Lunch Club for children and families that receive free school meals is being put into process with Kate arranging for someone who has already run such a scheme to give a talk during a Sunday service, then a working party to be formed to take the scheme forward.

Brass cleaning rota – 2 new volunteers have come forward, the rota to continue on a 2-weekly basis.

Chalice assistants – the new chalice assistants are Jane Udall, Niamh Spiers, Anne Murray, John Cutts, Jim and Jan Jones, Susan and Paul West, Gina Morgan, Mary Ball, Ese Otobo, Paul Parker, John Pettifor, David Spiers and Terry Ray. These names will be submitted to the Bishop. Thanks were expressed to the current chalice assistants.

Christmas Appeal has raised approximately £1,543 with maybe some more funds coming from Gift Aid. It was recommended that a card with space to put details for Gift Aid for cash givers be put into the bags in future.

Jane Noble reported the a previous Christmas appeal to Peartree has used our money to help fund a new swimming pool that the children were able to use for the first time on Christmas morning. Jane to get copies of the photos and details to share with the congregation.

The APCM will take place on Wednesday 26th April at 8pm. All reports and accounts to be given to Joanna and Gary by the end of February.

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