PCC Minutes – Jan 2016

The PCC met on 13 January when the following matters were discussed:

8EQs: Survey feedback from Martin Saxby – improvement but some areas need further consideration.

Finance: Holding steady at present. Parish Share increased by £2000 per annum, i.e. we need to raise an additional £40 per week to cover this. Church of England statutory fees had been revised and would be applied.

Management Groups:

Pastoral Care: minutes circulated – visits, telephone calls, prayers, cards continuing and needs reviewed at each meeting.

Diocesan Safeguarding policy adopted by PCC.

Mission and Discipleship: No meeting

Buildings and Finance: PCC approved repair of path to vicarage. Food handling course to be undertaken as required. Budgets for youth groups to be considered at next meeting.

Social: Planning underway for Murder Mystery on 27 February and dates for diary suggested for other events which were approved by PCC.

Worship and Spirituality: No meeting

Young Church: No meeting. Baptism policy to be slightly amended.

Community Café: Charitable status now approved, which will allow grant funding to be applied for.

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