PCC Minutes – Nov 2015

The PCC met on 4 November when the following matters were discussed:

8EQs: Survey completed.

Finance: Holding steady at present.

Management Groups: New groups had been formed.

Pastoral Care: Regular meeting taken place – new members welcomed.

Mission and Discipleship: Focussing on Welcome, Worship, Word, Witness and Wellbeing. Looking to increase number of small groups in new year.

Buildings and Finance: Awaiting quote for path, minor repairs required to taps in toilets, replacement camera for CCTV system.

Social: Bazaar arrangements discussed, extra attraction for children in the form of Olaf from Frozen, printed leaflets to be distributed. Arrangements for Alternative Christmas Tree Festival underway.

Worship and Spirituality: Remembrance to be included in 10am service. Carol service to start at 6pm. Quiet Day arranged for 16 January. Beer and Carols to be arranged.

Young Church: Exploring possibility of sharing part-time youth worker with another church. SPOGs and Pilots leaders to liaise for mutual support. Baptism policy to be changed and Kate explained this. Christingle service to follow Alternative Christmas Tree Festival, rather than Messy Church. Holiday Club dates to be looked at next year regarding school return dates.

Harvest: Gifts to Carriers of Hope gratefully received.

Kate to attend opening of new council homes at Park Lane and extend welcome to the parish.

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