PCC Minutes – July 2015

The PCC met on 9 July when the following matters were discussed:

8EQs: Archdeacon John attended meeting and areas needing attention were discussed. A further survey would be conducted in October and results compared with original to ascertain present position.

Finance: Holding steady at present. Standing Order payments to be considered for 2016.

Management Groups: Lists for new groups were on board and would be collated at the end of July for start in September.

Mission and Spirituality: Summer talks booked. Holiday Club planning underway.

Buildings and Finance: Notice board discussed and revamp agreed. Quotes being obtained for resurfacing path across to Vicarage.

Social: Harvest arrangements to be put in hand.

Youth Work: Rota for Friday evenings needed one more volunteer to make up monthly rota. Funding for youth groups discussed.

Safeguarding Policy – basic training in September prior to Diocesan training in new year.

Cricket match arrangements underway – date to be confirmed.

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