PCC Minutes – June 2014

The PCC met on 11 June 2014 when the following matters were discussed:

Pilgrim Course – introduction to faith – hopefully would run later in the year.

Deanery Synod: A further proposal had been put forward for Parish Share allocation. This was a system used successfully in Fosse deanery, and would entail visits to parishes by representatives of standing committee to ascertain likely payment of allocated parish share.

Interregnum: Parish Profile – second draft had been prepared and handed to PCC, this would be forwarded to Archdeacon for approval. Person Specification – again PCC handed draft and this would be sent for approval prior to advertisement being submitted.

Management Groups:

Mission & Spirituality: Further meeting regarding 8 Essential Qualities and way forward. Community Café still proceeding although Methodist Church locally was to cease Sunday services and join with main Church in town. After meeting at Academy, more idea of requirements for part time Youth Worker and this could then be advertised.

Buildings & Finance: Security to be looked at after vandalism to rear of Church, also entry system to record comings and goings.

Social: Murder Mystery on 28 June, Calamity Jane evening for Harvest in October.

Holiday Club meeting to arrange details for Cops and Robbers – based on Joseph.

AOB: WWI Memorial Service planned for 3 August – John Law trying to obtain details of named on war memorial, window, etc., and this would be advertised in local press.

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