PCC Minutes – June 2013

The PCC met on 12 June 2013 when the following matters were discussed:

The cross on the east end had been refixed

Summer Gala 23 June – arrangements in hand

Mission and Spirituality:
Community Café – a visit had been made to Earlsdon where a church had reordered to incorporate a community café and Arbury Road Methodist church were considering this type of project. Architect to attend next meeting for ideas

New volunteers for Messy Church, Lunch Club and Coffee mornings

Foodbank – up and running  – Fridays busier than Tuesdays

Winter Night Shelter – initial meeting held – PCC required more clarification on some points regarding training, insurance, etc. before committing to this project

Summer Talks: Suggested that representatives of ‘in-house’ mission and outreach groups be asked to talk, e.g. Oasis group, Workclub, etc.

Social: Meeting shortly to make arrangements for ‘Summer Holiday’ Ladies’ Evening

Buildings and Finance: meeting 20 June

Youth Work: Summer events planned for school holidays. 13 had attended PGL trip

Natural Church Development – the Diocese had started this initiative and each church was required to complete an audit – the PCC felt this was not the right time with interregnum  next year, but this would be required prior to new incumbent being appointed

High level cleaning to take place with cherry picker on 17 June

SPOGs supported Big Issue charity with sponsored London Tube Station walk and it was suggested this could be our Harvest Charity this year


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