PCC Minutes – April 2013

The PCC met on 10 April when the following matters were discussed:


The meeting started with an update of this year’s Christian Aid events. This year’s theme is “Bite Back at Hunger”, focussing on assisting farmers in Bolivia and Kenya to manage water supplies and improve crops. A Murder Mystery evening is arranged for 11 May with tickets at £5. There will be an At Home at the Alsops, and street collections will take place. Any other ideas welcome.

Bibles in Church – suggestion that we use existing Bibles and see what the congregation usage is before proceeding with purchase of additional material.

Finance: Gift Aid rebate received to the end of 2012, and rules changing which will allow us to reclaim Gift Aid on some loose collections. Parish Share increased to £41,000, gas charges increased.

Management Groups: No meetings had taken place during Lent, but dates arranged for some meetings in the near future. Pastoral Care quarterly report circulated – this group continues to support those in need.

Foodbank: Trussell Trust foodbank due to start week beginning 22 April, and would be open at St. Paul’s on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Our own system would operate alongside initially and the situation would be monitored to ensure that there was no clash between the two. It was felt some of our clients would not qualify for Trussell Trust assistance. Increased demand of late.

The Monday Maintenance Group would look into the cost of hiring a “Cherry Picker” to enable cleaning of high ledges, light shades, etc. A Chruchyard clean up was suggested and a suitable date would be fixed to clear some tree branches, etc.

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