PCC Minutes – Dec 2012 & Jan 2013

The PCC met on 12 December and 9 January when the following matters were discussed:

Ecclesiastical Insurance Report: PAT testing completed, Smart Water obtained, East End Cross – work to be carried out when weather improved. Group lettings insurance would be dealt with in the new year together with lettings policy.

Finance: Reasonably healthy, Parish Share for 2013 would be £41,000 i.e. £800 per week, plus increase of 20% to £3,184 for insurance premium – PCC aware that income would drop during interregnum next year.

Mission and Spirituality: Children in Church to be reviewed as required. Community Cafe project moving forward – collaborative meeting with Methodist Church in Arbury Road, which may provide a venue. Funding will be required in 2014 if we are to continue to employ a Youth Worker, which the PCC felt was an important role.

Pastoral and Social: No meeting but arrangements in hand for Patronal festival.

Buildings and Finance: Kitchen fitting ongoing.

Exhibition of children’s art from Bethlehem in Church from 22 December to 6 January – an exhibition touring the area.

Trussell Trust food bank to be started in Nuneaton – St. Paul’s to be one of the three distribution points in Nuneaton, with Attleborough Church and Manor Court Baptist. Volunteers would be required at a later date to assist and training would be provided.

Carpet and chair cleaning to be arranged after Christmas.

CRB checks – position still a little unclear, although CRB checks for other groups would apply to people at Church.

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