PCC Minutes – January 2012

The PCC met on 11 January 2012 when the following matters were discussed:

Churchyard Trees: One dangerous tree had been removed – no further work indicated at present.

Finance: The books had balanced at the end of the year, despite a drop in envelope giving. For 2012 a further £70 per week would be required to allow for increase in Parish Share. Insurance premium had risen, as have gas and electricity costs.

New Store Room: Now due to be commenced in March as certain planning permission conditions had to be met prior to full permission being given. Grant funding towards this project to be looked into.

Messy Church: A grant application had been made for funds towards this project, which was proving a popular event for families.

Management Groups:
Mission and Spirituality: Meeting in February to plan Lent course for 2012.

Pastoral: Jo gave verbal report on activities, including visits to sick, flowers, cards, etc.

Social: Meeting next week but arrangements in hand for Patronal Festival Meal at Weston Hall.

Buildings and Finance: No meeting, but group would look at grant funding towards cost of new store room.

Refurbishment of Parish Centre Kitchen: This would be our 2012 project and commercial fitters being sought to give advice.

Coventry Pilgrimage Walk – 3 to 5 June – to mark the 50th anniversary of opening of Coventry Cathedral. Details to be published in magazine for those wishing to take part.

Fillongley Singers to perform on 31 March to start Holy Week.

New PCC members for election at APCM – vacancies due to resignations

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