PCC Minutes – December 2011

The PCC met on 14 December when the following matters were discussed:

A tree survey had been carried out by Council representatives and a schedule of works prepared – subject to finance being available.

Nativity figures – the Pilgrimage group had seen some olive wood figures which would cost in the region of £750. The PCC left this in abeyance so others could be investigated.

Finance: Despite envelope giving going down, we were still managing financially. Share to rise by £2000 i.e. £40 per week for 2012.

Deanery Synod meeting indicated that the Deanery would be around £50,000 short of allocated funds for 2012 as some parishes were unable to meet Diocesan share.

Management Groups:
Mission and Spirituality: No meeting
Pastoral and Social: No meeting

Buildings and Finance – No meeting but revised estimates received for new store room. The PCC agreed to accept a quote and hopefully work could start in the New Year. Discussion took place regarding temporary storage of equipment for groups using the hall.

Youth Worker Management: Community Cafe – no further progress.
A weekend away to be arranged in March/April for 15 members of the Friday evening drop in. PCC agreed that cost could be subsidised.

Refurbishment of Parish Centre Kitchen: This would be our 2012 project and commercial fitters would be required to advise.

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