PCC Minutes – September 2011

The PCC met on 14 September 2011 when the following items were discussed:

Finance – Envelope collection still not covering Parish Share. No unusual expenses. Fa bric Fund will cover cost of outstanding items. Costs of hire of hall and centre may have to be revised in the light of increased utility costs.

Management Groups:
Mission and Spirituality – Community Cafe – no further action at present. Holiday Club successful with around 60 children attending daily.
Heritage Weekend and Ride and Stride attracted about 10 riders and 10 visitors.
Away Day at Wolvey 29 October. Additional magazine distribution – no come back as yet.
Messy Church starting 18 September.
Grove Farm Family Day – Kim had registered interest but received no come back.

Buildings and Finance – Local and County Councils contacted, awaiting report on trees, footpath appears to fall between two stools, neither tarmac nor field. Height of manholes could be a problem – further investigation to take place.
Faculty notice on boards.
Clock repair approved.

Pastoral and Social – Ladies Night based on “Grease” 17 September arrangements in hand.
Meeting to organise formal split of group into Pastoral and Social on 27 September.
Harvest Supper and Games evening – list on board.


Diocesan Report form to be completed and returned with highs and lows.

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