PCC Minutes – June 2011

The PCC met on 8 June 2011 when the following items were discussed:

New Altar furniture has arrived. This had met with approval by majority of congregation. Additional donations had been received towards many items.

Finance: Envelope collection down, not covering Parish Share. No unusual expenses. Fabric Fund will cover cost of outstanding items.

Christian Aid – Over £5000 had been raised with a fantastic £830 from St. Paul’s School. An excellent result in today’s e conomic climate.

Management Groups:
Building and Finance – Quinquennial report received – minor items to be dealt with. Local and County Councils to be contacted regarding trees and public footpath. Faculty likely to be approved by DAC for rear store room.

Pastoral and Social – Arrangements in hand for Flower Festival. Ladies Night based on “Grease” planned for 17 September – details to be finalised.

Mission and Outreach & Workship and Spirituality – Full miinutes of last meeting circulated.

Youth Worker’s Management Group: Future of Youth 180 uncertain and Kim’s position with Academy to be clarified with new Head.

Further investigation into Community Cafe possibility and viability.

Holiday Club this year with home produced programme aiming more at basic Christian teaching – All God’s Family.

Two quiz nights being arranged outside Church – details on board, teams to be entered.

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