PCC Minutes – February 2011

The PCC met 9 February 2011 when the following items were discussed:

Management Groups: The set up and amalgamation of the four groups was discussed, as it was inevitable there would be overlaps in responsibilities. It was left to the Mission & Outreach and Worship & Spirituality to decide the best way forward for their respective members. The other groups were left unchanged.

Altar Furniture: A visit had been made to the carpenter at his workshop, who was happy with the new design and we were awaiting a revised price.

Finance: Envelope giving fluctuated weekly but at present meeting parish share. Some doubt about future of Coalfields Regeneration fund – more information in March.

Management Groups:
Building and Finance – unable to find anyone prepared to grant maintenance contract for whole under-floor system, but contract for electrics may be possible.
Proposed new store – planning permission granted – faculty to be applied for.
Still attempting to make contact with council representative responsible for churchyard maintenance.
Altar step to be cleaned only.

Mission and Outreach/Worship and Spirituality – met to prepare lent course which this year would be based on The Creed. Sunday services would reflect this theme. Passion play during Holy week services rather than prayer stations.

Pastoral and Social – arrangements in hand for Murder Mystery evening on 4 March.
Flower Festival to celebrate 400th anniversary of publication of King James Bible – 11th and 12th June – committee would co-ordinate.

AGM to be held on 17 April at 12 noon.

Date of next meeting 9 March after Ash Wednesday service.

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