PCC Minutes – January 2011

The PCC met 12 January 2011 when the following items were discussed:

Altar Furniture: Further designs were discussed for altar table and one chosen if it was possible to construct this in chosen wood. A small group would visit factory and discuss this with manufacturers.

Finance: Holding steady, although drop off in envelope giving during winter months. Parish share would increase by £32 per week from January, i.e. £3100 income was required each month to meet share. Gift Aid claim still awaited. Gift Aid income likely to reduce in April, when Government made changes. During 2010 retention fees had been paid to builders, projection system had been paid for, and loans repaid. Architect’s fees for planning application had also been paid.

Management Groups:
Building and Finance -central heating system had been repaired and maintenance contract to be considered. Three quotes required for proposed new store, before faculty could be applied for. Plans and specifications prepared. Still attempting to make contact with council representative responsible for churchyard maintenance, to see if improvements could be made. Quinquennial inspection to be undertaken in March. Altar steps discussed as various methods had been tried to clean this, but adhesive ingress from previous carpet had caused problems. Mosaic type tiles suggested and this would be considered.

Mission and Outreach/Worship and Spirituality – Christingle arranged for 4.30pm on Sunday 4 February.

Pastoral and Social – no meeting, but arrangements in hand for Murder Mystery evening on 4 March. Flower Festival to celebrate 400th anniversary of publication of King James Bible – 11th and 12th June – committee would coordinate.

Replies to circulars from users of hall and centre – thank you letter advising of outcomes would be drafted.

Date of next meeting 9 February

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